Yumbox Poke Bowl - Leakproof Divided Salad Bowl

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Introducing our latest innovation in packed lunch convenience – the Yumbox Poke Bowl with Smart Divider! This leakproof bowl with 3 or 4-compartment removable divider  ensures your favourite ingredients stay fresh and separate until you're ready to eat.

🌈 **Divided Compartments**: This Poke Bowl comes with a cleverly designed, removable divider that allows you to create distinct sections for each delectable ingredient. Keep your delicate sashimi separate from the crunchy veggies and rice, maintaining the individual flavours and textures until you're prepared to indulge.

🍣 **Preserve Freshness**: Bid farewell to soggy salads and mixed-up flavors! The smart divider in our Poke Bowl ensures that your ingredients stay as fresh as the moment they were prepared. The leakproof dressing container keeps liquids separate until you are ready to add them.

🌱 **Healthy Eating Made Easy**: Achieve your health and wellness goals effortlessly with the Ultimate Poke Bowl. This innovative design not only preserves the integrity of each ingredient but also encourages mindful portion control. Create a balanced meal by choosing your favorite proteins, veggies, and grains, all neatly separated until you're ready to dive in.

🌊 **Sustainable and Durable**: Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, our Ultimate Poke Bowl is as durable as it is sustainable. Join the movement towards responsible dining with a product that's not only functional but also environmentally conscious.

🎉 **Perfect for On-the-Go**: Whether you're heading to the office, picnicking in the park, or enjoying a meal on the beach, the Yumbox Poke Bowl with Smart Divider is your ideal companion. The secure seal ensures mess-free transportation, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and satisfying meal wherever life takes you.

🍽️ **Easy to Clean and Reuse**: The Ultimate Poke Bowl is designed with your convenience in mind. It's dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and easy to clean, making it a practical addition to your kitchenware. Say goodbye to disposable containers and embrace a more sustainable dining experience.

Upgrade your culinary adventures with the Yumbox Poke Bowl with Smart Divider – because every meal should be a masterpiece!

How do I clean it?

Cleaning is easy thanks to the removable divider and silicone gasket. Your Yumbox Poke Bowl can be hand washed or is dishwasher safe on the top shelf (up to 65°C)

Can I replace the divider or lid? 

Here’s the thing. We want your Yumbox product to last as long as possible and across multiple kids. That’s why we have replacement parts. As Poke is brand new our replacement parts are not currently available but will arrive soon.

Is the divider leakproof between sections? 

No, the divider is removable to allow you to combine ingredients when you are ready to eat. This means the sections are not leakproof however the dressing container and the lid do have silicone gaskets to make the overall bowl leakproof.

Does it fit in a lunch bag?

Yes. But we recommend carrying the bowl upright so choose a bag with a top handle.


We’re happy to refund unopened goods within 30 days of delivery, provided we receive them in their original conditions. For more information on returns, visit our support page. 

Want to know what lunchbags this lunch box can fit inside? Here’s a handy chart to help!

Which lunch bags fit this lunchbox?
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Reusable and kind to the planet

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More reasons to choose Yumbox lunch boxes

Healthy eating awareness starts at a young age

Starting early with lessons on balanced diets boosts kids' confidence and wellbeing.

Yumbox's portioned tray illustrates daily balanced meals, fostering lifelong healthy eating habits with a visual guide to nourishment.

Yumbox takes the hard work out of packed lunches

Yumbox simplifies lunch prep with portioned segments for hassle-free, nutritious meals kids will eat. It secures food without plastic wrap or foil, ensuring it stays fresh for lunch.

The box's design keeps foods separate and prevents sogginess, delighting kids with a 'treasure chest' experience and satisfying even picky eaters.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy Nissen

Yumbox Poke Bowl - Leakproof Divided Salad Bowl

Kelly Stephens
Awesome product

Love how the poke bowl has dividers and a smaller dipping container but feel that the bowl is way too big. I purchased two thinking they’d be good for lunches but don’t even fit in our lunch bags. Please consider making a smaller version. Free snack box received is awesome 🙂

Meet the whole Yumbox family

Longevity Durable, resistant to wear

Teen Appeal Mature design suitable for teens

Environmental Impact easy to recycle

Hygienic Stainless is non porous and easy to clean

Keeps foods separated Avoids mixing flavours and textures

Prep in Advance Ideal for meal prep, stay fresh seal

Aesthetics Modern and sleek appearance

Compact and Portable Easy to pack and carry

Choose from 4 or 5 compartment – inter changeable tray inserts

Teen Appeal – Mature design suitable for teens

Healthy Eating Encourages healthy eating

Balance Encourages balanced meals

Compact and Portable Easy to pack and carry

Variety Many divided sections

Visual Appeal Kid friendly educational printed tray

Healthy Eating Encourages healthy eating

Balance Encourages balanced meals

Compact and Portable Easy to pack and carry

Visual Appeal Kid friendly educational printed tray

Healthy Eating Encourages healthy eating

Balance Encourages balanced meals

Time Saving Prep snacks for outings

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