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    8 products

    Kids Backpacks Collection

    Fun, stylish and practical. We've hand-picked a range of backpacks for kids of all ages — from toddlers to school age. Complete with colours and patterns they'll love (and roomy compartments you'll love).

    At Mini Hippo, we understand that a backpack is more than just a bag—it's a crucial companion for the daily adventures of your little one. Our collection of kids' backpacks is designed to meet the varied needs of children, combining functionality with fun to make every journey an enjoyable one.

    Choose from Petit Monkey backpacks for toddlers and small children, SoYoung backpacks for school age, Little Renegade Midi backpack for bigger kids, and more.


    A Companion for Every Adventure
    Choosing Mini Hippo means selecting a backpack that is a reliable companion for your child's school days and beyond. Our diverse range of backpacks caters to every need and style, ensuring that your child loves what they carry.


    Choosing the Perfect Backpack for Your Kid

    Explore our extensive range of kids' backpacks, each crafted to suit the unique needs and preferences of your little ones. With features like adjustable straps for comfort and various sizes to accommodate different age groups, our backpacks are tailored for every adventure. The diverse designs include playful patterns and practical zipped compartments, ensuring there's a perfect backpack for every child.


    Our School Backpacks - Making Every School Day Special

    We believe that every school day is an opportunity for your child to learn, explore, and grow. Our selection of school backpacks are designed to withstand the rigors of daily school life, combining practicality with the joys of childhood. These durable bags come with multiple compartments for books, clothes, accessories and snacks, making organisation easy and fun.


    A Closer Look at Mini Hippo's Backpack Collection

    Petit Monkey: Eco-Chic and Durable
    The PETIT MONKEY RECYCLED COTTON BACKPACK is a prime example of our commitment to sustainability and style. Made from recycled cotton, it's an eco-friendly choice that doesn't sacrifice fashion for functionality. Perfect for toddlers and young children, it features faux leather detailing, a hidden magnet flap, and adjustable padded shoulder straps.


    Little Renegade: For the Bigger Kids
    Designed with older children in mind, the Little Renegade Midi Backpack is the ideal pick for school and weekend adventures. It boasts a roomy front pocket, mesh drink bottle holders, and padded adjustable straps, ensuring comfort and convenience on the go. The rubber feet and mesh padding on the back enhance durability and comfort, making it a sturdy choice for active kids.


    SoYoung: Modern and Versatile
    Our SoYoung Toddler and grade school backpacks cater to the modern child's needs. Made from uncoated linen, these backpacks are easy to clean and maintain. They feature mesh side pockets, a reinforced bottom, and a lined interior with a zippered mesh pocket. The chest strap with clip adds security, ensuring the backpack stays in place.


    Petit Monkey Large Block Backpacks: Spacious and Stylish
    The PETIT MONKEY LARGE BLOCK BACKPACKS, made from recycled PET bottles, are ideal for children aged eight to twelve. These large backpacks offer ample space with a two-way zipper and a large front pocket. The adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, making them suitable for older kids with more to carry.


    Our Commitment to You - Choosing Mini Hippo for Your Child's Backpack Needs

    Mini Hippo's Promise: Quality, Durability, and Fun
    Our backpacks are more than just products—they are a part of the daily life of young boys and girls. At Mini Hippo, we hand-select high-quality lunch and backpack products, ensuring they are simple, fun, and durable. This means our backpacks are easy for you to pack, delightful for your kids to carry, and robust enough to endure the most energetic playground escapades.

    Prioritising Safety and Care
    Our range of kid's backpacks include options that are machine washable, while being BPA free, PVC free, and phthalate free.

    Adjustable Straps for Ultimate Comfort
    Comfort is paramount, and our backpacks feature adjustable straps that guarantee a perfect fit for children of all sizes. Our ergonomically designed straps distribute weight evenly, reducing the strain on young shoulders and backs.

    Eco-Friendly Choices
    As a business that values our planet, we are committed to offering products that are durable and eco-friendly. We encourage the use of replacement parts and donate to local charities, ensuring our impact is positive both on the environment and within the community.


    Ready to Find the Perfect Backpack?

    We invite you to shop our collection and find the perfect backpack for your child. With Mini Hippo, you're not just choosing a backpack—you're choosing a partner in your child's journey of growth and adventure.

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