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    10 products

    Kids Drink Bottles Collection

    Fun, safe and high quality. Our range of kids drink bottles will keep them hydrated all day long so they can get onto more important things. Like, you know, playing.

    At Mini Hippo, we carefully select our drink bottles for kids to make sure they're BPA and toxin free. Choose from stainless steel drink bottles, mini drink bottles, kids' insulated water bottles and more.

    Our favourite drink bottles in Australia are Cheeki Drink Bottles for all ages and Drink in the Box to replace single-use juice products.


    Discover Your Child's Perfect Hydration Partner
    At Mini Hippo, we understand the importance of finding the right bottle for each child's unique needs. Whether it's for school, sports, or everyday adventures, our user-friendly website offers a seamless shopping experience. Choose the ideal bottle with ease, ensuring a hassle-free purchase every time.


    Safe and Stylish Kids Water Bottles

    Prioritising safety without compromising style, our kids water bottles are made from BPA-free plastic. This ensures a safe drinking experience for your children. Available in a spectrum of colours like playful pink and bold blue, these water bottles are perfect for children eager to express their individuality.


    Stainless Steel Water Bottles - Robust and Reliable

    For durability and resilience, our stainless steel water bottles are unmatched. These robust, leak-proof bottles are designed to endure the active lifestyle of older kids. The stainless steel construction guarantees longevity, making these bottles a dependable choice for growing children.


    Mini Drink Bottle - Perfect for Little Hands

    Our mini drink bottle range is specially designed for the youngest family members. These little water bottles, available in vibrant colours and featuring playful designs, are perfect for toddlers and young children. Their size and usability make them an ideal first step towards independent hydration.

    Unique Drink Bottle Features

    Our drink bottles boast unique features that set them apart. Flip tops for easy access and spouts for convenient sipping enhance the drinking experience. We also offer bottles with additional features like filters and insulated designs, catering to the diverse needs of children.


    Versatile Water Bottles for Every Child
    Our water bottles cater to kids of all ages and preferences. With options ranging from easy-to-use bottles for younger children to advanced designs for older kids, we ensure there's a water bottle to suit every need. Various sizes, colours, and designs mean there's a perfect match for every child.


    Eco-Friendly BPA Free Bottles

    At Mini Hippo, our commitment to the planet is reflected in our eco-friendly BPA-free plastic bottles. These bottles not only safeguard your child's health from harmful chemicals but also align with our sustainable practices. We ensure that every bottle is compliant with the highest safety standards and free from harmful chemicals. By choosing our BPA free bottles as well as choosing to use our spare parts where needed, you're making a responsible choice for your child's health.


    A Rainbow of Colours and Designs

    Our kids drink bottles come in an array of colours and designs. From soothing blues and greens to vibrant pink, red, yellow and orange, there's a hue for every child's preference. The inclusion of elegant silver, versatile grey, and classic black ensures a colour for every taste.


    Your One-Stop Destination for Kids Drink Bottles

    Mini Hippo is your go-to destination for all types of kids drink bottles. Whether you're searching for a specific colour or a bottle with special features like leak-proof designs or stainless steel construction, our collection offers it all. We cater to every preference, ensuring the perfect bottle for every child.


    Prioritising Health and Hygiene
    We place a high priority on health and hygiene in our collection of water bottles. Our bottles are designed to encourage regular water intake, ensuring kids stay hydrated and healthy. The materials used are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the highest hygiene standards are met.


    Quality and Variety: The Cornerstones of Our Collection
    Quality and variety are paramount in our range. Our bottles, made from high-quality materials, are durable and built to withstand daily use. The variety in our collection, from stainless steel options to BPA-free plastic bottles, ensures there's a bottle for every child.

    Shop with Confidence: A Brand You Can Trust
    Explore our collection with confidence. Our focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction means you're getting the best for your child. Our range offers a perfect blend of functionality, style, and safety, ideal for your child's hydration needs.


    Embrace the Joy of Hydration
    Hydration is essential, and our kids drink bottles make it a delightful experience. With playful designs and easy-to-use features, these bottles are designed to make drinking water fun for kids. Choose from our wide selection and give your child the joy of hydration in style.


    The Mini Hippo Promise: Quality, Safety, and Style
    At Mini Hippo, our promise is to deliver quality, safety, and style in every bottle. Our journey, starting in Melbourne in 2009, has always been about providing the best drink solutions for families. Each product in our collection is rigorously tested and approved, ensuring it meets our high standards.


    Your Assurance of Safety and Style

    Safety and style go hand in hand in our collection. We ensure every bottle complies with the highest safety standards, is free from harmful chemicals, and appeals to kids' sense of style. Our BPA-free bottles are safe and make a stylish statement.


    Durability Meets Design: The Mini Hippo Difference
    Durability and design are key in our range. Whether it's a vibrant plastic bottle or a sleek stainless steel option, you're getting a product built to last. Our child-friendly designs ensure that each bottle is as appealing as it is durable.


    Join Our Community of Happy Families
    Join the community of parents who trust Mini Hippo for their kids' hydration needs. Our customers love the quality, design, and functionality of our products. Shop with us today and become part of the Mini Hippo family.


    Ready to Find the Perfect Kids Drink Bottle?

    Ready to find the perfect drink bottle for little ones? Browse our collection today and discover the vast options we have available. With our commitment to quality, safety, affordable price and customer satisfaction, you're sure to find a bottle that your child will love and use daily.


    Our story

    Founded in 2009, our family-run business was the first to introduce leak-proof bento-style lunch boxes to Australia and New Zealand.

    Today, our range and business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to hand-select high quality lunch products so you can feel relieved your kids are enjoying healthy food (well, occasionally).