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    Lunch Boxes for School — Mini Hippo

    Whether you need a backpack, drink bottle, bento box or lunch box for school — Mini Hippo has all your back to school essentials, sorted.

    Welcome to the Mini Hippo collection page, where we bring together a world of high-quality, innovative lunch solutions for school-going children. With a diverse range of lunch boxes, bags, and accessories, our collection is designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of both parents and kids.

    School Lunch Box

    Finding the perfect school lunch box is more than just a task; it's a journey towards ensuring your child enjoys a healthy, satisfying meal every day. At Mini Hippo, we hand-select each lunch box, ensuring it's not only functional but also fun for kids and simple for parents to pack. From traditional styles to modern bento boxes, our collection has something for every appetite.

    Lunch Bags

    Lunch bags are an essential part of any school lunch kit, offering versatility and convenience for everyday use. Throughout our range we emphasise the variety and utility of the school lunch bag, ensuring there's a perfect match for every child's style and every parent's needs.

    Finding the Perfect School Lunch Box

    Throughout our range of school lunchboxes, we offer different features and benefits in every product, ensuring you have all the information you need in finding the perfect school lunch box. Whether it's the leak-proof My Squeeze for yoghurt and applesauce or customer favourites YumBox Original and YumBox Tapas that boast compartments for a portion-controlled balanced meal, our lunch boxes are designed with your child's nutrition and enjoyment in mind.

    Insulated Lunch Bags

    Diverse appetites mean that parents need to keep food cool. Keeping meals at the right temperature is crucial, and our insulated lunch bags do just that. These bags ensure that hot meals stay warm and cold items stay cool, providing the perfect environment for a delicious school lunch.

    The Freshness of Kids' Food

    Ensuring the freshness of kids' food is paramount, and our collection is designed to keep meals as enjoyable at lunchtime as they were when packed. With innovative features like ice packs and insulated materials, we guarantee freshness and taste.

    Our range extends beyond just the lunch containers themselves. We focus on the entire experience of preparing and enjoying a school lunch. From the ease of packing with compartments that cater to a whole sandwich to the peace of mind knowing all materials are BPA-free and devoid of harmful chemicals, Mini Hippo is committed to the health and happiness of your children.

    The World of Lunch Cool

    Keeping lunches cool and appealing is essential, especially in the warmer months. Our collection includes solutions like lunch cool packs and insulated lunch bags designed specifically for this purpose, ensuring that every bite is as fresh as it can be.

    In every piece, from the versatile lunch bag to the innovative insulated lunch box, we weave in the essence of Mini Hippo - simplicity, fun, and durability. Our products are tested on our own family to ensure they meet our high standards, embodying the care and thoughtfulness we believe every child deserves at mealtime.

    As a brand born from a parent's desire to bring the best to Australian shores, Mini Hippo stands as a leader in the lunch product market, bringing you a curated selection of items that are not just about eating but about enjoying healthy, delicious meals that fuel the young minds and bodies at school.

    A Range of Possibilities

    Our collection showcases a range of lunch boxes and bags, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences at every school age. From the insulated school lunch bag that's the perfect companion to a primary school lunch box to compact and cute lunchboxes for the little ones, we ensure that every child finds a lunch solution that they're excited to pack and unpack.

    Incorporating elements like the carry handle for easy transport, compartments for a variety of foods, and materials that ensure safety and durability, our products are more than just containers to keep food fresher; they're a lifestyle choice for health-conscious, eco-aware, and style-savvy families.

    The Lunchtime Experience

    Lunchtime is a crucial part of the school day, providing a moment of relaxation, replenishment, and social interaction. Our collection is designed to enhance this experience, making lunchtime something kids and parents alike can look forward to.

    By choosing Mini Hippo for your kids lunch boxes and accessories, you're not just selecting a product; you're choosing a partner dedicated to making mealtime a joyous, stress-free experience. With each product, we invite you to explore the blend of functionality, style, and fun that makes our collection unique.

    As you navigate through our curated selection, remember that each item was chosen with your family in mind, aiming to make every school lunch a delightful, nutritious moment for your child. Welcome to Mini Hippo, where quality, innovation, and care come together to create the perfect lunchtime experience for your little ones.


    Our story

    Founded in 2009, our family-run business was the first to introduce leak-proof bento-style lunch boxes to Australia and New Zealand.

    Today, our range and business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to hand-select high quality lunch products so you can feel relieved your kids are enjoying healthy food (well, occasionally).