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    Explore Solar Buddies at Mini Hippo

    Welcome to Mini Hippo, where we're proud to feature Solar Buddies in our collection – a revolutionary, easy refill kids' sunscreen applicator that you might recognise from the entrepreneurial pitch TV show Dragon's Den. At Mini Hippo, we hand-select high-quality, innovative products that align with our ethos of making parenting simpler and more enjoyable. Solar Buddies, with their unique, child-friendly design, are a perfect addition to our curated selection of family-friendly products.

    The Innovative Refillable Sunscreen Applicator

    The Solar Buddies refillable sunscreen applicator is designed to be compatible with most sunscreens, providing flexibility and convenience for families. Its unique design ensures that there's less mess involved, making it an ideal solution for parents who want to avoid oily, greasy hands after applying sunscreen to their little ones. This feature is particularly convenient for families on the move, as it fits easily into hand luggage. With Solar Buddies, you can ensure your children are protected from the sun while keeping the sunscreen application process clean and hassle-free.

    Designed for Little Hands and Big Adventures

    Solar Buddies are expertly designed with your child's needs in mind. The dome-shaped handle fits perfectly in little hands, empowering kids to independently apply sunscreen. This design not only fosters healthy sunscreen habits from a young age but also caters to children with sensory issues, offering a gentle, non-messy application.

    Embracing Sustainability with Refillable Sunscreen

    At Mini Hippo, we're committed to the planet as much as to our families. That's why we've included Solar Buddies in our collection. These refillable sunscreen applicators embody practicality and environmental responsibility, allowing families to reuse and reduce waste, aligning perfectly with our ethos of eco-conscious parenting.

    Personalise with a Colour Scheme for Every Child

    Solar Buddies are available in an enchanting variety of hues, allowing each child to select their own colour scheme that resonates with their personality. These vibrant and practical applicators transform the mundane task of sunscreen application into a playful and engaging experience for children.

    On-the-Go Protection

    Solar Buddies, with their perfect compact size, are expertly crafted to complement the active and dynamic lifestyle of modern families. Ideal for on-the-go use, these applicators easily fit into any bag or pocket, making them a hassle-free option for busy parents. Purchase the applicator alone or opt for the Applicator Bag Bundle for the inclusion of a clip and carry bag, perfect for on-the-go protection. The addition of the option of a handy tether for easy bag attachment further enhances their portability, allowing them to be conveniently clipped onto backpacks, strollers, or even belt loops. This feature ensures that Solar Buddies are always within arm's reach during any outdoor adventure, be it a quick trip to the park or a day-long excursion. The practical design guarantees that your children remain consistently protected from the sun, no matter where your family's adventures take you.

    Solar Buddies: A Trusted Choice for Sun Protection

    Mini Hippo is synonymous with quality and trust. By featuring Solar Buddies in our collection, we bring you a product that epitomises safety and efficacy. Thoroughly tested and designed with children's safety in mind, Solar Buddies align with our commitment to providing the best and safest products for your family.

    Customer Endorsements and Feedback

    The addition of Solar Buddies to our collection has been met with enthusiasm from families across Australia. Praised for their functionality and kid-friendly design, these applicators are a testament to our dedication to meeting the real needs of families. Explore our collection to find out why kids and adults alike love Solar Buddies.

    Join the Sustainable Movement with Solar Buddies

    Integrating Solar Buddies into our collection at Mini Hippo highlights our dedication to sustainability and responsible consumption. These refillable applicators play a pivotal role in our eco-friendly mission, as they significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics, leading to less plastic waste overall. By choosing Solar Buddies, you're participating in a movement towards a more sustainable future, effectively reducing waste and contributing to the well-being of our planet. This commitment to sustainable choices reflects our ethos of caring for the environment while providing high-quality products for our customers.

    Solar Buddies: Tailored Sun Protection

    We understand the diverse needs of families. That's why Solar Buddies are compatible with a variety of sunscreens, offering you the flexibility to use your preferred brand. This customisation ensures that Solar Buddies meet the specific sun protection needs of your family.

    Solar Buddies – Easy to Refill and Clean

    We recognise the value of your time, especially as parents. Using the Solar Buddies refillable sunscreen applicator is a breeze. Simply unscrew the head of the unit to reveal the compartment where you can add your favourite sunscreen. Once filled, screw the head back on, and it's ready to use, making sunscreen application for your family quick and effortless. Solar Buddies work exceptionally well with a variety of sunscreen types, including watery type sunscreens, ensuring that no matter the consistency, your child's skin remains protected. Moreover, the detachable and washable sponge heads ensure that maintenance is simple and hygienic, aligning with Mini Hippo's commitment to practicality and ease of use.

    Solar Buddies: Your Go-To for Outdoor Adventures

    Solar Buddies are the ideal companion for every outdoor activity and every family outing, be it a beach day, a park visit, or a school trip. Their compact and portable nature makes them a must-have in every child's backpack. They ensure even coverage, preventing messy hands and making sun protection a less daunting task for kids and parents.

    Sunscreen Application Made Easy in Schools and Groups

    In addition to family use, Solar Buddies are exceptionally suitable for schools and group settings. Their ease of use and mess-free nature make them a preferred choice for teachers and caregivers tasked with applying sunscreen to multiple children efficiently and hygienically.

    The Assurance of Quality with Mini Hippo

    At Mini Hippo, we stand by the quality and reliability of the products we feature. Solar Buddies, included in our collection, are a reflection of our dedication to offering top-notch, safe, and effective solutions for families. Each Solar Buddy aligns with the high standards that we set for products, ensuring that they meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

    Mini Hippo: Innovations for Modern Parenting

    Mini Hippo is more than just a brand; it's an innovative force in the world of parenting. By featuring products like Solar Buddies, we continue our journey of providing smart, sustainable, and enjoyable solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Join us in embracing products that are not only practical but also contribute positively to our environment and community.

    Embracing Eco-Friendly Sun Protection: Discover Solar Buddies in Mini Hippo's Collection

    Solar Buddies, featured in Mini Hippo's collection, represent a significant stride in child-friendly, eco-conscious sun protection. These refillable sunscreen applicators are aligned with Mini Hippo's philosophy of making parenting easier, safer, and more sustainable. Embrace the change with Solar Buddies and experience the convenience, fun, and peace of mind they bring to your family's sun-safe routine.

    Explore the Unique World of Mini Hippo: Where Innovation Meets Care

    Visit our collection today and explore the world of Solar Buddies. Experience the unique blend of convenience, safety, and environmental responsibility that these products offer. Take a look at the reviews from parents who have found Solar Buddies to be convenient for their little ones and the best thing to encourage mess free sunscreen use. Shop now and join the Mini Hippo family in our mission to provide the best for our children, while caring for our planet. 

    Love sun protection, but not the sticky-icky feeling on your hands? Designed in the UK, and featured on dragons den, Solar Buddies creates a roll on sunscreen applicator that gently rubs in sunscreen (or do you call it sun cream?) without the mess. Simply fill with your favourite sunscreen to get started.

    At Mini Hippo, we stock Solar Buddies in a range of colours and for all ages. It comfortably holds 100ml of sunscreen. The Solar Buddy is better in plural just like it's name, so we now stock two packs in a mix of colours. Replacement heads are also available to make your Solar Buddies last even longer.


    How do I look after and clean Solar Buddies?

    It’s a good idea to clean your Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator monthly or when it becomes empty. Simply rinse with warm water and wipe down with a sponge. Leave out to air-dry.

    Avoid leaving your Solar Buddies in direct sunlight.

    How eco-friendly is Solar Buddies and can I recycle it?

    While it’s not perfect (it still requires plastic manufacturing) Solar Buddies is refillable. This means you can buy bulk sunscreen and refill your Solar Buddies applicator to reduce plastic waste. It’s a small change, but one that will add up over the years.

    Hard plastic can be placed in kerbside recycling. Recycling practices can vary between states and countries, so speak to your local council for details.

    Where does Solar Buddies come from?

    Solar Buddies began in The UK. Their products are manufactured in China and available worldwide. Solar Buddies have found a home an Australian home at Mini Hippo where Sunscreen Applicators should be handy for all parents. 

    Are there replacement parts for Solar Buddies?

    Yes, we now stock replacement heads so if your sponge or rollerball needs a freshen up you can replace just this part. 

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