The ultimate product care guide The ultimate product care guide

The ultimate product care guide

Confused about best practice when it comes to cleaning your favourite lunch products, or worried about mould and grime ruining them? Don’t fret. We’ve compiled all of our tips and tricks for cleaning some of our most popular products into one handy guide, so that all you need to worry about is what you’re going to fill them up with. 


We hear horror stories about certain lunchboxes succumbing to mould problems. And we’ve all been there before – it’s Monday morning, in the middle of summer, and you’ve just realised that your kids’ lunchboxes were not unpacked from their school bags on Friday afternoon. Eek. While we’ve not experienced any customers reporting issues of mould build up under the seal in their Yumboxes in our years of exclusively distributing the product here in Australia, it’s a good idea to stick to Yumbox guidelines when considering how you clean your Yumbox. And it’s so much easier than you think.

Yumbox is dishwasher safe up to 65°C (just place it in the top rack only), but we highly recommend hand washing the outer shell instead. If you are using a dishwasher, we’d recommend removing it before the heat dry cycle – most dishwasher temperatures are a guide only, and actual temperatures can fluctuate by up to 20°C which may affect the adhesive holding the seal in place. Plus, Yumbox is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand washing easy.

Like any product that stores food, mould can occur if your Yumbox isn’t cleaned thoroughly. To reduce the likelihood that mould will grow in your Yumbox, we recommend storing your Yumbox open if you won’t be using it for a long period of time and always allowing it to air dry overnight once washed.

If you do see a bit of mould on the surface of the silicone seal, cleaning with Milton solution (following the directions on the box) and then leaving the case in direct sunlight for as long as you can is usually your best bet. Do not bleach or soak your Yumbox for long periods, as this can affect the seal’s adhesive backing that holds it into place.

Thanks to its clever design and years and years of testing, Yumbox is specially-made to reduce the likelihood of mould getting underneath the silicone seal – notice how the seal doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the lid?

Yumbox has a limited warranty on any manufacturer’s defects. We do not warranty damage caused by overheating in a dishwasher (you must use the top rack only), using children sterilisers, or misuse or abuse. We also advise that everyone use their own judgment when deciding to microwave any plastics.

Drink in the Box & Snack in the Box

Had pulpy juice or a smoothie in your Drink in the Box, and noticed a bit of gunk left in the straw or stuck in the seal? Ahh, the beauty of a transparent water bottle – you can see everything.

Not to worry – the Drink in the Box comes completely apart, to make sure you can clean into every nook and cranny, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Check out this handy guide for more information.

NOTE: For excessive gunk in the Drink in the Box straw, simply use a pipe cleaner. And, if worse comes to worst and you’ve left the gunk in your Drink in the Box straw too long, you can easily purchase replacement straws (grab some right here).

Both Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box are dishwasher safe – just make sure you wash them in the top rack only and up to 65°C and remove them before the heat dry cycle.

However, like the Yumbox we highly recommend hand washing them – their rounded edges and smooth surfaces make hand washing a breeze.

Also, please don’t cleaned clean your Drink in the Box or Snack in the Box in glass baby bottle steam-cleaner units – they are exceptionally hot and will distort and possibly warp the shape of the product.


The SoYoung raw linen range is completely machine washable – just pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang it out to dry overnight. Alternatively, just wipe down the wax-coated range with a damp cloth if it gets a little messy.

For insulated lunch boxes and cooler bags, simply take out the removable, easy clean insert (that is also heat-sealed to prevent seepage.) and wipe it clean, or immerse it in warm water for hand washing.


This one’s easy… all FunBites are dishwasher-safe (again, just make sure you only wash them in the top rack up to 65°C) and can easily be hand washed as desired.


Dishwasher-safe, but also easy to hand wash – whatever floats your boat.

For more care tips, or other important product information, check out our FAQ right here.