The best water bottles for school The best water bottles for school

The best water bottles for school

Parents have a lot to think about all year ‘round, but especially during summer – making sure our kids are wearing sun protection, keeping cool and staying hydrated is front of mind.

But what if we told you there were products out there that could take one of those things off your plate? Products so cool (both literally and metaphorically) they’ll make your kids actually want to drink water?

Rather than telling you, we might as well show you…

Drink in the Box

Why buy single-use juice boxes when you can own one durable, reusable and (quite frankly) adorable Drink in the Box? Brought to you by Precidio, the Drink in the Box comes in two handy, lunch box friendly sizes – small (236ml) and large (350ml). They also come in a range of colours, all featuring a wide straw, child-friendly latch and BPA, BPS and phthalates free composition. They’re leak-proof when the lid is closed, too. We’re obsessed.

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Drink in the Box Funtops

Just like the regular Drink in the Box, Funtops help to replace single-use juice boxes, reduce your child’s sugar intake and increase hydration – but with a fun twist. Your kids can take their pick from a panda, unicorn, panda or hippopotamus lid, while you’ll love the leak-proof, easy-to-open lid.

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Worthy Bottles

Can you guess what these water bottles are made from? No? Alright, we’ll tell you… but you probably won’t believe us. Sugarcane. Yep, you read that right – they’re made in Melbourne from 100% sustainably grown sugarcane, meaning they’re eco-friendly, non-toxic and totally recyclable (though we can’t see why we’d part ways with it). They’re also adorable, with three stylish designs to choose from.

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Say hello to your new emotional support water bottle. With two easy-to-carry sizes, insulation options and customisable lids, your Cheeki drink bottle is as unique as you are. They’re recommended for almost all ages, with a range of gorgeous colours (we have trouble choosing our favourite).

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P.S. Did you know Cheeki also makes stylish tumblers? They’re perfect for iced coffee, juice, water… whatever takes your fancy, really.