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    Wean Green create a range of environmentally kind, reusable, tempered glass storage containers for homemade baby food (and beyond). They come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to introduce your little one to solids with ease.

    At Mini Hippo, we have a range of Wean Green products in Australia. The Wean Cubes are perfect for homemade baby food, while the Lunch Bowl Garden Pack is perfect for all ages.

    Wean Green containers are suitable for the freezer, microwave and dishwasher (although, we recommend placing the lid on the top rack). All Wean Green products are free from BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead.

    Questions? See our Wean Green FAQs


    What are the dimensions and weight of each Wean Green product?

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    Where does Wean Green come from?

    Wean Green is designed in Canada and manufactured in South Korea.

    How do I look after and clean Wean Green products?

    The containers and their lids can be placed in the dishwasher (top rack) for cleaning. Easy! If you’d rather hand wash, avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as these will damage the glass surface. To allow for cleaning, the silicon seal can be removed using an object with a rounded edge so it doesn’t damage the seal.

    The containers can be placed in an oven for re-heating purposes only (with the lid removed) up to 120°C. If the container has been kept in the freezer, we recommend leaving it at room temperature for around 15 minutes to avoid temperature shock.

    The containers can also be placed in the microwave (with the lid removed) from the freezer. Once again, we recommend the container be left at room temperature for around 15 minutes to avoid temperature shock.

    When placing containers in the freezer, only fill to 70% capacity to allow for expansion.

    Do not reheat containers directly over open flames.

    How eco-friendly is Wean Green and can I recycle it?

    We love Wean Green because it reduces the need for single-use food containers. They’re also made from high quality materials, which means they’ll last in years to come. Plus, all materials are food-safe, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free.

    The glass is recyclable through your kerbside collection. As for the polypropylene lid and silicone seal, recycling practices can vary between products, materials, states and countries, so speak to your local council for details.

    Are there replacement parts for Wean Green?

    At this stage, we don’t stock replacement parts for Wean Green.

    Is Wean Green covered under warranty?

    Yes! The warranty covers any defects in workmanship or material that arises during the normal lifetime of the product. In saying that, here’s what’s not covered…

    • Any problem that’s caused by abuse or negligence
    • Normal wear and colour fading
    • Breakdown of materials over time
    • Incidental and consequential damages

    On your first few uses the lid might be difficult to open. This is because of the airtight function and not a manufacturer’s defect.

    Is Wean Green leak-proof?

    Yes! The Wean Green containers have a locked lid with an integrated removable silicone seal. Smart clips lock in freshness and make it easy for little hands to open.

    What is tempered glass?

    Tempered glass undergoes thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass.

    Which Wean Green product is best for me?

    The Wean Green family is growing! So if you’re wondering which product is best for you, here’s our two cents.

    • Wean Cube – This square container is great for purees, breast milk, toddler snacks or mints in your handbag. Try colour coding your freezer so you can mix and match purees (like blue and green for vegetables and pink and orange for fruits).
    • Wean Tub – A rectangle container that’s great to store purees for 6+ month weaning babies, carrot or celery sticks for older kids, or the collection of bobby pins and hair ties in the bottom of your bag! The uses are endless.
    • Wean Bowl – A circle container used to store yoghurt, custard, fruit salad or cut up fruit. The round shape makes this style easy to hold when feeding and scrape clean with a spoon.
    • Snack Cube – Larger than the Wean Cube, this one’s great for 12+ months when serving lunch or dinner. It’s also great for yoghurt and muesli or small serves of leftovers.
    • Lunch Cube – This big cube will hold your entire lunch or dinner, great for storing leftovers or travel snacks.
    • Lunch Bowl – Perfect for salad or soups. The curved edges mean you can scoop up every last drop!
    • Meal Bowl – Ideal for leftovers, pasta or stews. There’s plenty of space for even the largest appetite.
    • Baby Starter Set – This handy pack will set up your storage system with everything you need to start the weaning journey (and beyond).
    • Kitchen Set – Not a fan of plastic storage containers? The Kitchen Set has a collection of all sizes you need to get started on organising your pantry and fridge.

    Our story

    Founded in 2009, our family-run business was the first to introduce leak-proof bento-style lunch boxes to Australia and New Zealand.

    Today, our range and business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to hand-select high quality lunch products so you can feel relieved your kids are enjoying healthy food (well, occasionally).