Welcoming @schoollunchbox to Mini Hippo! Welcoming @schoollunchbox to Mini Hippo!

Welcoming @schoollunchbox to Mini Hippo!

We’ve got exciting news. You know (and love) him as the prank pulling, joke telling, lunch box packing dad from the @schoollunchbox Instagram. Now, it’s time to get to know George Georgievski as Mini Hippo’s new brand ambassador!

You probably know how the @schoollunchbox journey is going so far: 191,000 Instagram followers, international acclaim, three best-selling cookbooks and thousands of lunch box hacks shared to social media.

But do you know how it started?

“I took over lunch making duties from my wife about six years ago, to take the pressure off her in the mornings,” says George. “I figured that, between school drop-off and the morning chaos with our two girls, she had enough on her plate – I usually left for work before anyone was up.

“I started looking online for lunch box inspo, but I found everything was either too ‘out there’ creative and time-consuming or had too many nutritional facts and numbers. It all scared me away. So, I decided to create my own style. I figured out a fun and simple way to be creative and healthy at the same time.”

Before long, George was creating his own ‘dad hacks’ and recipes and sharing them on his social media channels.

“Luckily it resonated with a tonne of people out there,” he says. “I’ve had so many opportunities come from packing lunches. but more than anything it’s given me an extra way for me to say ‘I love you’ to my girls. I treat every lunch as though it’s the last one I’m ever going to make for them. It sounds pretty hippy, but it’s true!”

Since then, George’s lunchbox creations have captivated people all over the world. American Express Magazine crowned him the ‘most inspiring lunch creator in the world’ and, with over 100 million video views and a combined social following of 350k, we’re sure his fans would agree.

George has presented his lunchbox ideas at baby and kids expos across Australia and penned best-selling cookbooks for busy parents just like him. He is even an Australian ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, which aims to transform the health and wellbeing of communities across Australia.

So, why Mini Hippo?

In his many years of lunch box making, George Georgievski has experimented with a few different lunch boxes – but it was the Yumbox Original that started it all.

“I began with the Yumbox Original but as my girls got older, I found I needed larger bentos,” says George. “Since then, Yumbox has released so many different sizes for all kinds of appetites. I love how dynamic this brand is – they’re always evolving. Just take the Yumbox Presto, for example, which is the one I use now; it’s next level! The product range is awesome, and the colours are great. I really enjoy using them creatively.”

For Mini Hippo founder Megan, teaming up with George just makes sense.

“What has always blown us away about our amazing Yumbox community is how creative these parents are,” she says. “Yumbox really is the ultimate blank canvas, making it not only easy but fun to pack lunches for your kids. George is the total epitome of a Yumbox parent.”

Looking ahead…

Wondering what this collaboration will mean for you?

“Our main aim is to inspire parents and carers to better feed their children and themselves,” says George. “The team at Mini Hippo are giving me the tools to be able to play my part and I’m beyond excited.”

Mini Hippo’s Megan is looking forward to working with George and the @schoollunchbox brand to create relatable and inspirational content for our combined audiences.

“We feel honoured that George has chosen to bring his talent and expertise to our family business,” says Megan. “From launching new products to creating special recipes – not to mention his endless Yumbox inspiration – we’re so excited to show you what this collaboration between Mini Hippo and @schoollunchbox will mean.”

George adds, “Partnerships are one thing – working alongside like-minded people creates next level connections. Megan rocks. She is not only super nice but incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to all things bentos, accessories and parent needs.

“I love the fact I’m now lucky enough to be associated with Mini Hippo, an Aussie family business that has the same values and ethics as I do. I am looking forward to being a part of a team that can go to the next level and beyond. This isn’t really a partnership as such… it’s more like joining an inspired team of legends.”