Valentine’s Day Yumbox recipes Valentine’s Day Yumbox recipes

Valentine’s Day Yumbox recipes

If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, there’s no better gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Make sure your children feel the love with a heart-filled lunch box – we’re giving these Valentine’s Day Yumbox recipes a try this year.

Valentine’s Day nougat

Soft, chewy and oh so sweet, you can’t say no to these delicious bites of nougat! They’re not only delicious – they’re also super easy to make, coming together in just minutes (though you’ll need to practice patience not to eat them while they set). All you’ll need are some white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and chopped red and pink gumdrops or jubes (or any other sweets of your choice).

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Heart-shaped pizza

If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, how about a savoury Valentine’s Day treat instead? We just love the idea of these heart-shaped pizzas, especially topped with the genius capsicum slices. Ditch date night and try this recipe for a fun family dinner – the kids can top theirs with whatever they like, and they’ll love assembling the dough in to heart shapes.

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Watermelon heart pops

Keep it sweet and simple with this final recipe – the only ingredient you’ll need is some watermelon! Just wrap some paddle pop sticks with some washi tape, cut out the watermelon and leave the tray in the fridge for an after-school snack or lunch box filler. You can also reuse that heart-shaped cookie cutter you needed for the sugar cookies. Easy.

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Red velvet sugar cookies

Bake with heart… or, rather, bake heart-shaped sugar cookies. These red velvet ones by Baking a Moment taste just as lovely as they look, and you could even customise them by adding special messages in the icing. Who wouldn’t want to open their Yumbox lid and find a couple of these?

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Raspberry and cacao slice

Pink, healthy and super tasty? This raspberry and cacao slice has it all. Made from coconut flour, Medjool dates, fresh raspberries, maple syrup and coconut cream (to name just a few ingredients) this is one recipe you can use long after Valentine’s Day.

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