Yumbox inspiration | September 2023 Yumbox inspiration | September 2023

Yumbox inspiration | September 2023

 If you’re anything like us, you probably love scrolling through photo after photo of the incredible Yumbox creations other parents come up with. Seriously, they’re like works of art! If you’re in need of Yumbox ideas, scroll on – we’ve looked back over the past month and gathered up our nine favourite Yumboxes from September.


@mydaughterslunchbox: This creation goes to show just how many different foods you can fit into one Yumbox, especially with the help of handy silicone dividers. Way to go ticking off all the food groups.

@funlunch_: Sometimes it’s not what you pack, but how you pack it, that guarantees a Yumbox will come home from school empty. Check out how this parent has packed plenty of fun into what would otherwise be a basic Yumbox.

@bentosforellie: A super simple yet super tasty Yumbox, perfect for a day out or a day at school.

@a_mom_in_love: We love seeing the Yumbox zero waste sandwich papers in action. Here, they’ve been used to wrap up a toasted halloumi sandwich (yum), packed alongside fresh veggies.

@eatsbentoph: How cute are these pastel Yumboxes – they’re like flower gardens. We especially love those animal face mini toasted sandwiches.

@oishi.lunch.box: Yet another adorable Yumbox, complete with an apple waffle, fresh fruits and veggies. What a great way to encourage your little one to eat more whole foods.

@kiddos_lunchbox: Quiche cups are a super easy, nutritious meal prep idea for busy weeks – make a bunch on a Sunday afternoon and pop them in the fridge or freezer ready to pack. Add some steamed veggies and fresh fruits and you’re golden.

@bentoimbentobyhnikk: You don’t always need to make everything you put in your Yumbox from scratch – sometimes, one or two Yumbox compartments can be filled with a pre-packaged snack (we’ve all been in a pinch before). Especially when you pack fresh or homemade snacks alongside it.

@d.daily.munch: The theme of the month was steamed broccoli, and we loved to see it. This time, the healthy snack was packed alongside a breaky bagel, fresh strawberries and a sweet treat.

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