The best Yumboxes of October The best Yumboxes of October

The best Yumboxes of October

If you’re anything like us, you probably love scrolling through photo after photo of the incredible Yumbox creations other parents come up with. Seriously, they’re like works of art! If you’re in need of Yumbox ideas, scroll on – we’ve looked back over the past month and gathered up our nine favourite Yumboxes from October.

@thatlunchboxmom: We love seeing a standard Yumbox transformed for a holiday, especially when it’s Halloween. We’ll take five of the bat and pumpkin onion parathas (each).

@hudson_joseph812: Check out the Yumbox Original all packed up and ready for a day out. It’s the perfect summer companion.

@kiddos_lunchbox: A simple, tasty Yumbox Original complete with egg, ham and cheese quesadillas and some fresh fruit. Yum.

@mymodernmomlife: We’re always sharing Yumbox lunch ideas, so it’s nice to see a delicious breakfast option. We’re definitely stealing the idea for those French toast sticks.

@anika_and_athena: Loving the variety in this Yumbox from the Philippines, from the bacon to the steamed veggies, to the Hello Pandas.

@eatsbentoph: Have you seen cuter Yumbox Snacks? Those ghost sandwiches are a must-try, and the Halloween paper and ghost decorations are the cherry on top.

@exploreluncheswithreina: There is only one word for this Yumbox Presto – spook-tacular. Sorry, but it’s true. Every single section is a monster-fied masterpiece, and we’re getting seriously inspired.

@calebs.lunch: This Yumbox is the perfect blend of easy, fresh and super tasty, from the Bolognese pasta to the Indonesian puffed rice and the tiny spring rolls.

@legermedmaden: So this is how they do Halloween Yumboxes in Denmark… We’re obsessed. So fun.

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