Product Focus: Snack in the Box Product Focus: Snack in the Box

Product Focus: Snack in the Box

If you’ve been searching for an alternative to the trusty, yet super wasteful zip-lock-style bag, look no further – Precidio’s Snack in the Box has your sustainable snacking sorted.

These deliciously candy-coloured snack packs are built with busy kids (and parents) in mind. Equipped with two chambers and a twin-pop lid, Snack in the Box allows you to carry both of your favourite snacks in one handy container. Plus, their rectangular shape means they slip easily into your handbag, nappy bag or lunch bag for optimal on-the-go snackage.

Made from the BPA- and phthalate-free plastic ‘tritan’, Snack in the Box is both super-tough and super-safe for little ones. Never worry about running out of zip-lock bags, as Snack in the Box can be reused time and time again. It’s also dishwasher safe (top-shelf up to 65 degrees Celsius) which means quick turnarounds for busy parents – your bub could spend Sunday afternoon munching on trail mix in the park, and Monday morning eating blueberries at kindy.

Our favourite part? Getting creative with food combinations to craft the ultimate snack! And don’t think Snack in the Box is just for kids – pack it in your handbag or lap top bag for a mid-morning treat on the go or enjoyed at your desk.

Check out some ideas below:

  1. Cubed cheese + crackers
  2. Sultanas + trail mix
  3. Sliced ham + cubed cheese
  4. Blueberries + strawberries
  5. Turkey slices + cranberries
  6. Apple wedges + cheese
  7. Dried apricots + muesli
  8. Home-made popcorn + dark chocolate
  9. Figs + prosciutto
  10. Raspberries + yoghurt balls

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