Kid-friendly garden projects Kid-friendly garden projects

Kid-friendly garden projects

Spring is officially here, and we intend on spending a lot more time outdoors – specifically, in the garden. Give one of these garden projects a try with the children this weekend.

Turn tins into planters

You don’t always need to hit the shops to style your garden. In fact, the things you need to make your new favourite planter may well be in your pantry. These colourful tins-turned-plant pots are such a fun activity to try with the kids, using materials you almost certainly have at home.

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Make a fairy garden

There’s nothing quite like the magic of a fairy garden, so why not recreate one in your very own home? Inspiration abounds for DIY fairy gardens, with people building them around trees, in garden beds and even plant pots. If you’re confused as to where to start, a quick Google will give you plenty of ideas – we’ve included one great article below for you.

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Open a bug hotel

Our modern lifestyles have been detrimental to native bird and bug life, but thankfully, there are things your family can do to help. Give bees, butterflies and other flying insects a place to rest and set up your very own bug hotel in your backyard! There are so many ways to make them – and thankfully, they’re all sustainable.
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Turn an egg carton into a seed starter

One sure-fire way to grow budding gardeners is to get them started with gardening in childhood, and this seed starter – made using a recycled egg carton – is the perfect activity. You don’t even need to go out and buy seeds if you don’t want to! You can simply pluck them from existing fruits and veggies and get to work.

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Build a worm farm

If your children are happy to get down and dirty in the garden, they will absolutely love building – and keeping – their own worm farm. Squeamish parents? Maybe not so much… but we’ll do anything for our kids, right?! This tutorial explains how to make your very own worm farm, which is equal parts educational and useful (thanks to the rich worm juice that it produces!).

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