Introducing: The Thermo Bento Box Introducing: The Thermo Bento Box

Introducing: The Thermo Bento Box

Drop everything. A brand-new bento box has landed – and it’s arrived just in time for winter. Introducing the Thermo Bento Box.

Looking for a lunch box that can do it all? Carry yoghurts, sauces and dips alongside crunchy crackers? Contain hot foods all day long, then go into the dishwasher for easy clean up? You’ve found it.

Here are a few reasons we think you’ll love the new Thermo Bento Box…

You can mix and match

Switch, flip and change it up every single lunchtime. Thanks to convertible features like the removable divider (which can create three or five compartments) and thermos food jar for hot treats, you can totally customise every meal.

It eliminates mess

Much like your favourite Yumbox, the Thermo Bento Box has a leak-proof seal on the lid that keeps everything in place. Even thick liquids like yogurts, sauces, and dips will stay where they belong – no messy spills.

It’s easy to clean up

That silicone seal we just mentioned? It’s specially designed so that you can remove it, making cleaning your Thermo Bento Box a total breeze. Pop it out, wash it up, and you’re good to go.

It’s dishwasher friendly

As if clean up wasn’t easy enough, the Thermo Bento Box is also dishwasher friendly – it’s totally hassle free. Just pop it onto the top rack (up to 65 degrees) and you’re golden.

The kid-friendly design

While adults will totally love the Thermo Bento Box too, it has been designed with little hands in mind. Your kids will be able to easily open the secure clip, making it perfect for school lunches.

It’s super durable

Your new Thermo Bento Box is made from tough and sturdy polypropylene, meaning it can handle whatever your day throws at it.

It’s also super safe

Of course, the Thermo Bento Box is BPA-free, phthalates-free and made from non-toxic materials to ensure your meals are healthy and safe.

Yep, it’s got it all covered. Click here to find out more about the Thermo Bento Box.