How to pack your Yumbox like a pro How to pack your Yumbox like a pro

How to pack your Yumbox like a pro

Yumboxes are famous for their clever design, durability and gorgeous colours, but perhaps their most raved about feature is their ability to hold just about anything without leaks, drips or mess.

But there is an art to properly packing your Yumbox - one that we're more than happy to teach you. We’ve compiled some tips to make sure your next masterpiece stays neat, tidy, and backpack-proof.  

Consistency is key

It’s leak proof, not liquid proof. Water, juice and liquid yoghurts might make a mess. Instead, opt for thicker wet foods which won’t leak between compartments or outside of the box. Just be sure to remove any excess liquid they might have. You can try: yoghurt, applesauce, ranch and other thick dressings, ketchup, chunky salsas, hummus and veggie dips.

Don't go overboard

This one’s kind of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning – be sure not to overfill your compartments! Trying to pack too much into your Yumbox can mean crumbs and spillages where they’re not supposed to be, so leave a couple of millimetres between the top of the compartment and whatever you’ve filled it with.

Keep it cool

Food packed in a Yumbox can be kept fresh for days by simply popping it in the fridge once packed. While the seals keep air out, Yumboxes aren’t thermal and can’t store cold food by themselves – keep things cool on the go by adding an ice pack to your lunch bag, alongside your Yumbox.

Practice makes perfect

Still not sure what to pack? Do a quick practice run! Simply add the test food to a compartment, close your Yumbox properly by press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snapping the latch to the closed position, and either give it a good shake or leave it on its side for 10 minutes. Set your Yumbox back to normal position and open to see the results.

And there you have it! Remember these trade secrets and you’ll be packing like a pro in no time. Click here to shop the Yumbox range.