Five easy, healthy breakfasts that beat cereal spoons down Five easy, healthy breakfasts that beat cereal spoons down

Five easy, healthy breakfasts that beat cereal spoons down

Whoever decided that the most important meal of the day has to take place right as we’re trying to wake, dress, pack for and transport our children (and ourselves), we need to talk. If you’re struggling with the early morning hustle, give these five easy, healthy breakfast ideas a try.

Avo’ on toast

Sure, it’s notoriously bad for millennials hoping to buy their own homes, but avo’ on toast is great for busy families on the go. Don’t have time to cut, scoop and spread the avocado? Don’t fret. You can store cut avocado in the fridge a day in advance without worrying about it oxidizing (i.e. going brown) by simply drizzling some lemon or lime juice on top and storing it in an air-tight container. Plus, toast is the ultimate time-saving breakfast food – just set the timer, stick it in the toaster and go about your morning until you hear it ‘pop’. And, if you need your kids to eat breakfast on the go, you can put the toast in the large compartment of your Yumbox Panino, alongside some fruit and dry cereal or trail mix.

Yoghurt and muesli

We’ll be honest, yoghurt and muesli is pretty much just a fancier version of milk and cereal. But, it has one major different that makes it super convenient for those times you need to make and serve breakfast in a rush – you can prep it the night before, and have it sitting in the fridge, all ready for you to grab and go in the morning. That’s one of the reasons why we love the Yumbox Snack so much: it’s perfect for yoghurt and muesli. Pop yoghurt in one compartment and muesli in the other (whether muesli goes in the bigger section or the smaller one has been the topic of much debate here at Mini Hippo HQ) and some chopped fruit in the dip well and you’re all set.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great for three main reasons. One: they’re super versatile. You can have them on toast, a wrap or a sandwich, with rice or noodles, cut up in a salad or just on their own – sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. Two: they’re protein powerhouses, meaning they help to grow strong bones, muscles and immune systems. Three: they’re oh so easy to prepare in advance. Simply boil them on a Sunday evening and they’ll see you through ‘til the end of the week (if they don’t all get eaten before then). Easy? Check. Healthy? Double check.


When we think of pikelets, we instantly think of the store-bought variety – which, while mouth-wateringly delicious, aren’t exactly packed with enough good stuff to get your kids through until morning tea. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: thank god for Kidgredients. Kylie has shared not one but three fantastic pikelets recipes on her website over the years, and they’re all definitely worth a shot. Try these raspberry ricotta pikelets (topped with fresh strawberries), these wholesome breakfast pikelets in their many variations, or the raspberry porridge pikelets. The best part? They can be taken with you if you need to eat breaky on the go, or frozen if you make a large batch. Seriously, your frazzled future self will thank you for stockpiling pikelets.

Bircher Muesli

We don’t think bircher muesli gets enough credit. It’s seriously the yummiest, easiest breakfast. If you’re a fan of porridge but don’t have time for the prep or clean up, try your hand at a batch of bircher. We love it because it’s super tasty – green apple, cinnamon, honey and sultanas are our personal favourite additions – and can be made up at the start of the week and last until Friday. It doesn’t need to be heated or cooked, simply soak some oats in apple juice overnight (one cup of oats to 1/3 of a cup of apple juice is the ideal ratio) and then add a bit of yoghurt and whichever toppings you like. You’ll be hooked – we promise.