Best baking recipes for the lunch box Best baking recipes for the lunch box

Best baking recipes for the lunch box

One of the best things about the Yumbox bento lunch box is how perfect it is for packing healthy wholefoods – there’s no need for pre-packaged snacks with its handy, sealed compartments. If you’re in need of baking inspiration, give one of these healthy recipes a try!

Peanut butter, banana and chocolate oatmeal bars

Your kids won’t even miss the processed alternative when they bite into one of these delicious oatmeal bars! We love Sally’s Baking’s original recipe, but you could totally swap in other ingredients (think mixed berries, Nutella, apple, or even carrots) to change up the flavours. Slice them thin enough that they’ll fit in the ‘Dairy’ section of your Yumbox.

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Apple pie oatmeal breakfast cookies

Cookies for breakfast – what could be better than that?! This recipe by Amy’s Healthy Baking is packed with chunks of delicious apple, which combined with the chewy oatmeal and sprinkling of nutmeg and cinnamon make it so reminiscent of a real apple pie! Make them smaller than your average cookie, and just try not to eat too much of the mixture while you’re preparing them (easier said than done). When it comes time to pack the kids’ lunchboxes, pop a few into the ‘Veggies’ or ‘Fruit’ compartments of your Yumbox.

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Cinnamon banana zucchini muffins

Cinnamon – yum. Banana – of course! But zucchini?! We know what you’re thinking, but don’t judge too quickly. These breakfast muffins are super easy, crazy tasty and totally kid friendly, and they’re even made with whole wheat flour for extra nutrition. We love that you can freeze them to make them last even longer. When they’re ready, pop one into the ‘Grains’ section of your Yumbox Original!

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Carrot cake banana bread

Moist, fluffy and free from dairy and refined sugar, this is one sweet treat you’ll happily pack in your children’s lunch boxes! We love that you can actually see the chunks of carrot and oats, and the cream cheese and maple syrup frosting (spiked with cream cheese to make it a little lighter) is the literal icing on the cake. Depending on the size of your bread tin, you should be able to fit one slice in the large compartment of your Yumbox Panino.

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Energy balls in a variety of flavours

Bliss balls, protein balls, energy balls – whatever you call them, you’re sure to find your new favourite flavour among this list of 10 recipes! From chocolate chip to mango coconut, energy balls provide the perfect, versatile lunchbox recipe. They’re so much more nutritious than your go-to supermarket sweet, and the kids will love finding them in their Yumbox dip well (if you don’t eat them all yourself, first!)

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