10 infused water recipes 10 infused water recipes

10 infused water recipes

We love infused water – it's such an easy way to encourage our kids to stay hydrated, while also discovering new tastes and flavour combinations.

It's made even easier with a great drink bottle. Whether you opt for the leak-proof, popper-style Precidio Drink in the Box (the lid pops open to reveal a silicone straw), one of Cheeki's insulated water bottles or tumblers or Worthy's super sustainable, 100 percent sugar cane drink bottles, there are so many great options to choose from.

So, without further ado, we're excited to share 10 of our favourite infused water recipes. What is your go to?

  1. Lemon or lime: They’re classics for a reason. Said to have detoxifying powers, infusing your water with lemon or lime slices won’t just taste great – you’ll feel great, too.
  2. Frozen blueberries: A good ice alternative for cooler days, popping a few frozen blueberries into your Drink in the Box will also make the water nice and tasty (plus, they look awesome).
  3. Basil: It’s an often-forgotten infusion ingredient, but you seriously haven’t lived until you’ve infused your water with basil. Combine it with strawberries, lime, cucumber, orange… whatever tickles your fancy.
  4. Cucumber: Add a few mint leaves and pretend you’re on vacation with this cocktail-inspired combination. If you’re a fan of cucumber, eat the remaining slices for extra hydration.
  5. Raspberries: Similar to blueberries, raspberries are great additions to your water when frozen. But you can also pop a few fresh ones into your water for a beverage that looks and tastes delicious.
  6. Vanilla: Vanilla tastes great with a number of other ingredients, whether it’s rose petals, oranges, peach, pear… the list goes on. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to your water and taste the difference.
  7. Ginger: Looking to spice things up a little? Adding a small amount of ginger to your water won’t just taste great (particularly when combined with ingredients like orange or carrot juice) but it’s also said to have anti-inflammatory effects, too.
  8. Watermelon: Watermelon is another ingredient that’s great with mint. Mix the two for the perfect (healthy) beverage for a summer’s day.
  9. Grapefruit: While you can certainly infuse your water with a few chunks of grapefruit, a small amount of grapefruit juice also works wonders.
  10. Fruity tea: Adding a teabag to water isn't exactly groundbreaking, but you don’t have to go for the classic hot English Breakfast. There are loads of iced tea recipes floating around on the internet that you can whip up in minutes and will keep you going all day long.