If you’re anything like us, you probably love scrolling through photo after photo of the incredible Yumbox creations other parents share on Instagram. Seriously, they’re like works of art! If you’re in need of Yumbox ideas, scroll on – we’ve looked back over the past year and gathered up our nine favourite Yumboxes from the past month.

  1. @thatlunchboxmom: Check out those potato, tofu and cheese sandwiches – they look soooo tasty! Would you give them a go? We also love the look of that maple yoghurt with sprinkles.
  2. @shebesorted: We’re huge fans of mum Yumboxes (or ‘mumboxes’) here at Mini Hippo, so we were very excited to see Brooke’s amazing creation for her day helping her son’s kindy class.
  3. @thatlunchboxmom: The dads don’t have to miss out on the Yumbox fun either! This Yumbox was packed for a work lunch, and features tofurkey and Swiss cheese sandwiches, a popcorn party mix and fresh fruit.
  4. @school_lunchbox_inspo: This Yumbox proves that freezer food is an absolute lifesaver – those spring rolls were ready and waiting to go into a Yumbox, and they look delicious!
  5. @mydaughterslunchbox: A bright and colourful Yumbox from Slovakia – how cool is that?! We love how the fresh produce has been cut in creative ways to make it more appealing for her daughter. Well done!
  6. @abc_lunchies: One word: FOCCACIA. How tasty does that pesto, cherry tomato and feta focaccia look?! Can we have @abc_lunchies pack our Yumbox too, please?
  7. @lunchbox_loves: Who says healthy lunches can’t also be delicious? We’re taking a leaf out of @lunchbox_loves book and packing more wholefoods in our Yumbox!
  8. @exploreluncheswithreina: And the award for the cutest Yumbox this month goes to…! We’re obsessed with this puppy-themed Yumbox, especially the turkey sandwich.
  9. @mistipsparati: This one’s for the Minions lovers! From the blueberries in the yellow cupcake liner to the illustrated sandwiches, not to mention the pineapple with what looks like blue sauce, we’re so impressed.

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