We all know that pencils, exercise books and uniforms are absolutely necessary for Back to School, but what are the other essentials you should add to your list? Mini Hippo founder Megan is the perfect person to ask – she loved shopping for school lunch products so much, she made a whole business out of it! Read on for her picks for this Back to School season.

Yumbox Original
Even though my eldest is now 11, all three of my kids still use the Yumbox Original – as opposed to the larger Yumbox Tapas or sandwich-friendly Yumbox Panino – the majority of the time. There is a serious art to filling each compartment to the brim, and I love when they all use the same size Yumbox as it makes packing the dishwasher at the end of the day less like a game of Jenga!

FunBites food cutter
This is an absolute essential for anyone who prefers to opt for the Yumbox Original, but whose kids love eating sandwiches. This handy, child-safe food cutter dices your sandwich into little squares, which all fit neatly into one section of the Yumbox Original.

I discovered Klipsta after my children lost one too many school hats, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver! Klipsta keeps their hats connected to their school bags, which means I’m not running around trying to find them all the time. Make sure you use the code minihippo10 when you order your Klipsta clips!

Arctic Zone Dual Compartment
This nifty, lightweight bag fits my kids’ Yumboxes in the bottom plus a full piece of fruit, drink bottle and any other extras in the top compartment with ease. They don’t take up the entire school bag or add the weight of an elephant to my kids’ already heavy backpacks, and they’re so durable! We are onto our third year with these beauties.

Solar Buddies
These are legit the best thing ever! They’re mess-free sunscreen applicators, which means no gluggy sunscreen gets on my hands as I’m applying it to the kids while also trying to run out the door. Use the discount code 10FORMUMS when you order yours!

Drink in the Box
I don’t like to admit this very often, but despite my job I have the world’s pickiest eater. You will never see one of my youngest child’s Yumboxes on our socials because it is carbs galore! Thank goodness for the Drink in the Box – it makes me feel a lot better about his bland lunchboxes because it lets me send smoothies to school! A total game changer for picky kids. I just don’t tell him his “milkshake” is actually a smoothie filled with fruit 😉

I can’t stand walking outside without sunnies, but I honestly never gave the kids a second thought. Bad Mum! Now they each have a pair of Babiators and it’s second nature for them to pop them on for the walk to school. Knowing that kids get three times more annual UV exposure than adults and that sun exposure around the eyes can cause sunburn, cataracts, macular degeneration and, of course, skin cancer, I’m so glad I know about Babiators!

Yumbox Chop Chop
This is new to our lunch line up this year, but we’ve been trialling these food storage containers for a few months and they’re serious game changers! I just cannot get myself motivated to pack a Yumbox at night (even though I know I should) so instead, I chop everything up on a Sunday night and store it all in these bad boys. Come Monday morning, I just line the Yumboxes up on the bench and fill them in a flash. Better yet, I’m planning on letting the kids choose what they like from the nine options and they can pack their own. I’m actually finding this helps with my picky guy, too, as he feels like he gets to make the decision and I know it’s all things that are good for him.

Feature image credit: Yumbox