The cooler weather is setting in, which means bribing our kids to get out of bed with the promise of a nice, warm lunch for them to take to school. So, what are you packing? Here are the winter lunch box recipes we’ll be trying over the next few months.

Of course, there’s one thing you’ll need to pack winter lunch box recipes – the Yumbox Zuppa. Yumbox’s very own insulated food jar, the Zuppa is the perfect way to keep cold food cold and hot food warm. It’s got a kid-friendly, no-slip-grip lid and bottom design and an easy-to-fill wide mouth, making it a favourite for both kids and parents. It will keep food warm for six to eight hours, and food cold up to eight hours when using an ice pack.

Here’s what to fill it with this winter…

Grilled cheese

A ‘grilled cheese’ (or jaffle or toasted sandwich for us Aussies) may seem like the hardest thing to pack in a lunch box, but this guide by The Kitchn shows you how to pack it so that it stays warm.

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Homemade chicken meatballs

This hearty winter dinner can become a delicious hot lunch with the help of the handy Yumbox Zuppa! We particularly love this spinach and parmesan twist on the classic chicken meatball by The Organised Housewife.

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Macaroni and cheese

Talk about comfort food! We can’t get enough of this delicious, baked Southern mac and cheese recipe by Basil and Bubbly. To add a bit of extra nutrition, ‘spike’ it with spinach, tomatoes or other diced veggies.

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Butter chicken

Packed with flavour and delicious spices, butter chicken is one of the best ways to warm up on a cold winter’s day. Serve it with fluffy white rice and maybe even some naan bread, and your kids will be the happiest on the playground.

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Breakfast muffins

Who says you need to save the winter warmers until lunchtime? These egg breakfast muffins are ideal for cold morning school runs and will stay toasty warm in your Yumbox Zuppa. We love changing up the ingredients to keep things interesting!

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Looking for more things to put in your Yumbox Zuppa? We’ve listed a whopping 50 right here!