Whether you head off to work while your kids are at school, work from home or stay busy some other way, there are so many reasons to pack yourself a lunch box (yes, just like you would for your kids!). We make the case for lunch boxes for adults.

We know what you’re thinking – “I seriously could not be bothered.” But you should, and you can, if you know exactly why and how to do it.

Packing a lunch box every day is kind of like mini meal prep. It really helps you stay organised during the day, cutting out the time you would spend figuring out what to eat and reserving more time for actually enjoying your lunch break. And, if you’re already packing them for your kids, why not add one onto the line-up for yourself?

It also helps you stick to your healthy eating goals (should you have them) and ensure you’re ticking off all the food groups throughout the day. This is specifically where your Yumbox comes in – it is strategically segmented to accommodate the recommended amounts of the important food groups (protein, dairy, grains, fruit and veg and even a sweet treat) eliminating the need to think too hard about what to fill it with.

It’s also way cheaper than buying something from the café near your office (or home office) every day. While you should certainly keep supporting your local, and it feels really good to indulge in a takeaway or dine in lunch every so often, it can be such an easy way to blow the budget.

All it takes is a moment of planning on the weekend – we love Sunday afternoons for this! Have a think about which meals will satisfy everyone in your family which, we know, can be a mission in itself. But what about sandwiches or mini pizzas, that allow everyone to choose their own fillings or toppings? That’s where the Yumbox Chop Chop comes in really handy, too, allowing you to chop and store all the ingredients, ready for your family to choose their favourites when it’s time to pack lunch boxes.

If you’ve got a big family, or everyone has diverse eating habits, you may need to do another mid-week shop to keep the ingredients fresh. Maybe you make the most of this opportunity to switch up your meals? It might be a good idea to bring the kids along for this shop, too – they’ll be a lot more likely to eat whatever you pack in their lunch box if they’ve had a hand in picking it out.

Have we convinced you to start packing your own lunch? If so, click here for plenty of adult lunch box inspiration!