Think you can’t be both busy and balanced? You haven’t met Mim. The creator of popular blog ‘Love from Mim’, Mim shares the words of wisdom and tips and tricks that every busy mum needs to hear. We’ve invited her onto the Mini Hippo blog this week to talk about one thing that’s surprisingly hard to stay on top of – school bags! With the handy suggestions she provides in this school bag checklist, you’ll be packing like a pro in no time.

If you need some guidance on what to pack in a school bag, you will love this easy school bag checklist! You can use some of these school bag essentials for school or even day-care too. We have a child at each and a lot of the items cross over.

1. Clothing

If they’re not wearing their hat, pop it in their bag – this is a year-round essential. Depending on the time of year, you might need to pack a coat, jumper, rain coat or gloves too. And, particularly for younger kids, popping in some spare uniforms, socks or undies might also be a good idea (just in case!).

SoYoung do a range of different sized backpacks, and some are even machine-washable! You can browse them all right here.



2. Lunch & Drink Bottles

At most schools, children keep their lunch in their school bag until lunchtime, so it’s a good idea to pop an ice pack next to it to keep it fresh and cool in the bag. When it comes to lunchboxes, we like to use the bento box-style as they keep the kids’ food fresh and separated. You can find some great examples right here. You will also need to pack one or two bottles of water for them to drink throughout the day. Rectangular ones – like the Drink in the Box by Precidio – are a good idea, as they slip easily into your child’s backpack or lunch bag.


3. Crunch n Sip Box

Many schools participate in the Crunch n Sip program, which means sending in a small box of fruit and vegetables for your child to eat during the dedicated Crunch n Sip break at school. We use the Yumbox MiniSnack and love it, but you could also use the Precidio Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box!

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