What to pack for a spring picnic

The weather is (slowly… so, so slowly) starting to warm, and it’s got us dreaming of spring days spent outdoors enjoying a picnic. Whether you can go for a road trip, hit your local park or will have to resort to your backyard or front porch for your next family picnic, here’s what to pack.

SoYoung cooler bag

If you’re not bringing many drinks on your picnic, there’s no need to lug a huge esky along with you – opt for a SoYoung cooler bag instead! These chic poches are designed with insulation in mind, keeping your drinks cool for ages and easily fitting a six-pack of your favourite bev. You could also use it to pack and carry your favourite cheeses, cured meats, dips and whatever else needs to stay cool – not to mention, they’re so stylish.

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Yumbox Chop Chop

Haven’t jumped on board the Chop Chop train? We’re not sure what you’re waiting for. These containers from Yumbox have revolutionised not only the lunch box packing game, but also picnics. Fill them up with your favourite cheese platter ingredients (think olives, cheese cubes, dips and spreads, meats and a few sweet treats) and pop the lids on for easy transporting in their clear tray. No need to fuss around with an actual cheese platter – and they look just as good!

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Drink in the Boxes

Ditch the sugary poppers on your next picnic and opt for Precidio’s Drink in the Box instead! These clever creations look just like your classic ‘juice box’, but you can fill them with whatever liquid your children desire and reuse them time and time again. They’re leak-proof with the lid closed and won’t let any unwelcome guests land in your children’s drinks (one of the biggest bugbears when it comes to picnics – pun intended).

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When you’re planning a picnic, it’s important to think about transportability: how will you get your food from A to B, while ensuring it remains intact? The Wrap’d is one of the best solutions. Designed to eliminate the fuss that comes with packing wraps in the lunch box, this invention unpeels like a banana, allowing you to not only transport but also consume your wrap mess free. But don’t let the name fool you – you can also use Wrap’d for party pies, sushi, hot dogs, sausage rolls, finger buns… you name it.

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Fluf snack sacks

A snap-seal bag was once a picnic must-have, but thanks to Fluf’s range of reusable snack pouches, single-use options are a thing of the past. Whether you opt for their Flip Snack Sack to pack some carrot, capsicum or celery sticks, their Zip Snack Sack for trail mix or the Snack Mat for a tasty sandwich, with Fluf, the options are endless. When you come back home, simply pop them into the washing machine. Easy.

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