Winter is officially here, which means it’s time to pull out those cosy jumpers, our UGG boots and… the Cold & Flu medicine. This healing chicken noodle soup recipe, courtesy of Kylie at Kidgredients, is already on high rotation in our household, and it’s certainly one to try this winter.

Any family with kids in pre-school or school will agree that catching a cold or worse, the flu, is pretty much inevitable once June rolls around – once someone starts sniffling, it’s game over for the rest of winter.

It’s common knowledge that chicken noodle soup is the ultimate winter flu fighter, with healing properties that are practically magical. So, we’re awfully thankful that Kylie shared the tastiest, most warming chicken noodle soup recipe just in time for winter a few years ago.

Every winter since, we have been digging up this family favourite (flu or no flu) and relishing its creamy, chicken-y goodness on repeat. We’ve also been trying these tips Kylie shared, to try to stay as healthy as possible during winter:

  • Purchase lots of Aussie oranges and mandarins to make sure you’re eating plenty of vitamin C, and up your veggie intake – throwing them into classic winter warmers, like this chicken noodle soup, is an appealing way to get the right nutrients during winter.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of hygiene, especially washing your hands after coughing or sneezing. Drill it into your kids, too, and make sure they always cover their mouths when coughing.
  • Keep as warm as possible (which may be difficult if your house, like many Aussie homes, is designed to stay cool) with cosy blankets, jumpers, and woolly socks or slippers on your feet.
  • Take a probiotic immunity booster throughout winter, and make sure you find a quality kids’ version, too.

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