Whether your family follows a vegan diet or not, there are so many reasons to pack a few meat and dairy-free snacks in your kids’ lunch boxes every now and then. Scroll on for 25 of our favourite vegan lunch box ideas!

From cutting greenhouse gasses and emissions to helping your children eat a nutritious, wholefood-filled diet, there are plenty of reasons to try out some vegan lunch box ideas.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who eat red or processed meats are more likely to die from heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The same goes for people whose diets are low in nuts, seeds, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

Reducing your meat intake is also great for the environment – some experts even say it is the single most significant action you can take to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and soil degradation. Who knew?!

With all of that in mind, here are 25 vegan lunch box ideas to inspire your child’s next meat-free Yumbox.

  1. Fried rice (we love this recipe) served in a Yumbox Zuppa
  2. Sliders using these black bean tofu patties
  3. These fudgy, gooey vegan brownies
  4. Veggie and hummus sandwiches, just like these from EatingWell
  5. These date-packed bliss balls by Ela Vegan
  6. Vegan macaroni and cheese, again in a Yumbox Zuppa to stay warm
  7. Cheesy-mite scrolls, made vegan by Kidspot
  8. Fruit salad (no recipe required!)
  9. Zucchini slice, vegan of course
  10. Mini pizzas (let the kids choose their fave vegan toppings!)
  11. These crispy corn fritters from Vegan Huggs
  12. Veggie skewers (again, no recipe required – but head here for inspiration)
  13. Sticky sesame vegan cauliflower ‘wings’
  14. Savoury muffins packed with tomato, sweet corn and caramelised onions
  15. Chocolate chip cookies by who else than Chocolate Covered Katie?!
  16. Vegan yoghurt with muesli in a Yumbox Minisnack for easy breakfast on the go
  17. Carrot cake (this one is also gluten free and only requires one bowl!)
  18. Vegan ‘sausage’ rolls
  19. Pasta salad – especially this creamy one
  20. Pumpkin soup (in your Yumbox Zuppa, of course)
  21. This trail mix – because pretzels, that’s why!
  22. Carrot/celery/capsicum sticks and hummus
  23. Leftover spaghetti Bolognese, because this recipe is totally dinner-worthy!
  24. Vegan pikelets, best served with jam or maple syrup
  25. Why not browse the vegan snacks on your next supermarket trip? You might just find some new favourites!