Fans of the Yumbox, rejoice! The Yumbox Presto is a new, more sustainable version of one of Australia’s favourite lunch boxes – a stainless steel bento box that is set to revolutionise school lunches once again.

Yumbox Presto celebrates customers’ favourite aspects of the Yumbox – handy separate compartments, outstanding durability, leakproof design and a child-friendly single clasp – and takes it back to basics, adding a major eco-conscious improvement: a stainless-steel tray.

This high-quality stainless steel bento box is non-corrosive and totally safe for storing acidic or briny foods. It’s also heat resistant and with thanks to Yumbox Presto’s one-piece moulded design, it’s even easier to clean. There are no nooks or crannies to capture water in the cleaning process – you simply invert your Presto and let it dry.

“Much like previous Yumbox designs, customers will love that the Yumbox Presto eliminates the need for carrying around multiple containers,” says Yumbox’s exclusive Australian distributor, Megan Mallen of Mini Hippo. “There are no extra parts for the children to lose – just a one-piece leak-proof bento box that’s now even sturdier and, importantly, more sustainable.”

Yumbox has always been known for its quality and durability – some customers have only sought replacements after up to seven years of regular use. Now, with this stainless steel bento box, as well as an enamel-coated version, Megan suspects customers will be able to enjoy their Yumbox Presto even longer.

“The new design means that the only materials that come into contact with your food are the non-toxic stainless-steel tray and silicone seal,” says Megan. “On top, a plastic lid with the same easy-to-use single clasp promises the style and convenience Yumbox fans (big and small) already know and love.”

Because the Yumbox Presto was designed with children in mind, this plastic lid also adds a pop of colour – no ‘prison tray’ look that you might expect based on inferior stainless steel bento boxes currently available. Presto is, however, large enough to sustain the appetites of teens and adults.

The Yumbox Presto can hold 3.5 cups of food (850ml) and measures 25cm x 20cm x 5cm. As mentioned, Presto is large enough to feed an adult but compact enough to slide inside most insulated lunch bags on the market.

The Yumbox Presto is also competitively priced compared to other stainless-steel lunchboxes. When other stainless steel bento boxes can cost up to $115, Presto’s RRP is $69.95. Given the lifespan of the original Yumbox, and considering the superior durability offered by stainless steel, Yumbox Presto will be a great investment for savvy parents.

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Image credit: Mrs Penny