Ever wondered how those parents on Instagram seem to serve up healthy meal after healthy meal, whilst also running four businesses and wrangling six perfect children? The truth is: they don’t. But perhaps they could (and you could, too!) if they got their hands on the Yumbox Chop Chop.

We’re exaggerating, of course. The Yumbox Chop Chop isn’t guaranteed to make your life as seamless as an Instagram filter, or your household run as smoothly as your favourite blogger’s seems to.

But, it will certainly make your mornings run a little bit smoother, the food in your fridge last a little bit longer, and your kids’ eating habits a little bit healthier. Here’s how.

The Yumbox Chop Chop – a selection of cube-shaped containers with colourful lids, and two different sized trays to easily store them in – is the perfect meal prep companion. Fill it up with freshly chopped ingredients and store it in your fridge ready to grab and go.

Offering versatility and flexibility, you can choose to purchase the containers in packs of three (plus a rectangular tray to store them in) or buy all nine at once (plus a square tray to store them in). They even have three silicone containers for family’s with little fingers.

The containers are ergonomically designed to be easily cleaned, with superb heat resistance allowing you to safely sterilize them in hot water or the dishwasher.

Here are our top three ways to use them:

  1. For pizza or taco night: Chop up your family’s favourite pizza toppings or taco fillings and keep them all in your Yumbox Chop Chop – you can prep the ingredients ahead of time and store your Chop Chop in the fridge, or simply use the Chop Chop as a serving board.
  2. For lunchbox packing: We strongly believe that fussy eating children are more inclined to eat a lunchbox they’ve packed themselves, but having your little ones pack everything themselves is a recipe for disaster. Fill your Chop Chop with healthy snacks (fruit, cheese, meat, veggies…) and let your child add their favourites to their lunchbox in the morning. Simple.
  3. For food that ‘must be eaten NOW’: It’s amazing how quickly food can go bad when we forget it’s in the fridge. Thankfully, the Yumbox Chop Chop eliminates that problem! Cut up anything that’s getting close to the ‘chuck out’ date and pop it into your Chop Chop, then put the tray at eye-level in the fridge. Peckish children will naturally opt for those pre-prepared foods before rummaging through the fridge!

What are you waiting for?! Shop the Yumbox Chop Chop right here.