If your kids are feeling the effects of self-isolation, listen up. We’ve got a simple idea that will help you – and your friends and family – find a little bit of excitement.

We don’t know about you guys, but whenever we visit a friend’s house our kids go C.R.A.Z.Y for the new toys and games to play with – honestly, they’re entertained for hours.

We guess that’s why toy libraries exist, right?

But when self-isolation is the order of the day (or many, many weeks…) and toy libraries – and any libraries, for that matter! – are closed, it can be hard to stay entertained with the finite resources you have in your house.

At this point, we’re looking for anything to buy us an extra hour of entertainment.

Our solution? A toy basket trade!

Think of a friend, neighbour or family member with similar age children who lives within driving distance. See if they would be interested in filling a washing basket or IKEA bag with their own easy-to-clean toys, and tell them you’ll do the same.

One of you can leave a basket at your door, ready for the other to come along and swap with their basket.

No touching, no close proximity – just a basket full of fresh toys for both of your families to play with.

So, what are some easy-to-clean toys you could include?

  1. Puzzles
  2. Books
  3. Dry-erase books
  4. Board games
  5. LEGO sets
  6. Train tracks and trains
  7. Farm sets
  8. Felt boards
  9. Craft supplies
  10. Word search books
  11. Musical instruments (if you really don’t like your friend, haha!)
  12. Hard toys (that can be surface cleaned)
  13. Outdoor toys: cricket sets, balls, kites, totem tennis… you name it!
  14. DVDs and CDs
  15. Building blocks

You might even want to consider including a treat for your friend (a magazine or book, a packet of biscuits, baked goods or some toilet paper…) and don’t forget to label items with masking tape, sharpie or Dymo label if you think part could go missing easily.

Obviously with the current circumstances around social distancing you should ensure you maintain a safe distance when trading and only include toys and games that can be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly (avoid soft toys).

We would also recommend only trading with friends who are social distancing, not those in quarantine due to a suspected viral risk.

Share this article with your friends or on social media, and let the ‘Great Toy Trade’ begin!