How do your kids spend their school holidays? Whether you’re going to be busy working and need to find somewhere fun for them to spend their days, or just need an hour to yourself while they take part in an activity around town, these ideas will guarantee a jam-packed Easter holiday of fun, fun, fun!


For the outdoors types, why not try a local adventure camp? They often offer activities like abseiling, high ropes, orienteering, bushwalking, canoeing/kayaking, bush craft and loads more, and are perfect for kids aged 7+. Plus, it’s a sure-fire way to make sure your kids spend plenty of time outdoors over the holidays!

For the horsey kids, a holiday program at your local equestrian centre will be the perfect Easter activity! Kids learn everything from how to take care of a horse to how to properly tack them, as well as the relevant security and safety that comes with horse caring and riding. There are also often games and opportunities for trail rides.

 For the animal lovers, check out your local zoos or animal sanctuaries to see if they offer a school holiday program. These kinds of programs are usually educational, immersive, and loads of fun, taking kids behind the scenes to learn about feeding and care as well as up-close-and-personal animal encounters.

For the sports lovers, ask around at your local clubs to see what kinds of holiday programs they offer. Whether it’s netball, soccer, cricket, athletics, ball games or something a little more adventurous like rock climbing, your little sports star is sure to find something they love!



Art and craft classes are a great way for your mini Monet to get in some extra practice over the school holidays, or for your art rookie to pick up some new skills! Whether it’s painting or pottery, or anything in between, your kids will love the chance to flex their creative muscles.

STEM classes – that is, science, technology, engineering and maths – are all the rage these days, so there are bound to be at least one or two in your local area! Coding, robotics, LEGO building and design are just some of the fun activities your kids can try in STEM classes (and they’re usually free!)

Performance classes, like dancing, singing and theatre, are an amazing way to help your future star shine or get your shy kid out of their shell. They’ll also help them make fast friends and pick up some great skills while they’re at it!

Cooking classes aren’t just great fun for your kids – they mean delicious food at pick-up time for you, too! Under the supervision of a professional cooking teacher, your kids will learn basic skills that you can put to the test in your own kitchen.



Your local library no doubt offers plenty of fun, kid-friendly activities to try over the holidays! From craft and learning workshops to informative talks and reading sessions, public libraries offer it all.

Your local shopping centre will also probably host some school holiday activities, particularly over Easter! Drop your kids off then shop ‘til you drop until it’s time to pick them up again – it’s the best way to ensure you both enjoy your school holidays!

Your local cinema may be running some family-friendly screenings over the school holidays! If not, school holidays are always primetime for kid-friendly flicks, so take yours to the cinema for an easy yet super fun activity.