It’s without a doubt the star of the Mini Hippo show, but how much do you actually know about the Yumbox? Here are ten fast facts about the cult favourite!

  1. Yumbox founders Maia and Danielle were two mums on a mission. Their goal? To encourage healthy eating habits, not just for their children, but for children all over the world – and all it took was one cleverly designed lunchbox.
  2. The inspiration for Yumbox came from Maia’s time in France. She noticed that the lunches her children were served all had four things in common: they were balanced, varied, tasty and nutritious. The Yumbox was Maia and Danielle’s way to adopt this approach in their own children’s lunchboxes.
  3. The cute designs on your Yumbox tray aren’t just for looks – they’re educational, too. Each Yumbox tray is designed for portion control, and the gorgeous illustrations help you make sure you’re packing a balanced lunchbox for your children. It’s so easy!
  4. There’s nothing worse than when your child comes home from school and tells you their lunch was ruined by a rogue tomato sauce or yoghurt. With Yumbox, there’s no need to worry about leakage – the lid is specially designed to seal all compartments individually, meaning foods leak outside of the box, or even touch.
  5. Your Yumbox is reusable, and totally stands the test of time – we often hear of customers who have had the same trusty Yumbox for over five years! Less waste, more yum.
  6. If your Yumbox latch does happen to fall off, it can easily be fixed by purchasing a replacement latch. You can attach it yourself, too. Find out how here:
  7. Which Yumbox size is right for you? There are four styles to choose from: the Minisnack is perfect for crunch-n-sip or young children with small appetites; the Original is best for children who prefer to pick at lots of smaller portions; the Panino is designed for sandwich-loving kids, but you can put pasta, salad or just about anything else in the large compartment; and the Tapas is for big kids with bigger appetites – but wait, there’s more…
  8. There isn’t only one option when it comes to your Yumbox Tapas. The Tapas is the only Yumbox design that allows for interchangeable trays, so you can buy one kind of Tapas and a spare tray in the other configuration if your child likes to mix things up. The 4-compartment Tapas functions like a large Panino, while the 5-compartment Tapas is more like an Original Yumbox.
  9. Yumboxes aren’t just for children! We often hear customers saying how happy they are that they picked up a Yumbox for themselves – they’re great for portion control, super convenient and a simple way to make sure you’re not neglecting your own diet by focusing too much on your children’s.
  10. Not sure how to keep your Yumbox cool in summer? The handy Yumbox poche and Yumbox ice pack set is the perfect solution! The specially designed poches are super slim and slide easily into your school or work bag (and they fit the Yumbox Tapas inside them), while the pretty ice packs are perfectly sized (the same as a Minisnack) to go right in there with your Yumbox.

Other Yumbox fast facts:

They’re easy to use for most ages and abilities

They’re BPA free

They’re dishwasher safe in the top shelf

They’re designed in France and the USA