The Wean Green story started in 2008, when California-based entrepreneur and innovator, Melissa Gunning, was growing increasingly concerned about how the heating and cooling process was affecting her plastic containers and the homemade baby food she was filling them with.

Conscious of what she was feeding her young daughters, the former primary school teacher set out on a mission to provide eco-friendly, safe products that she would happily use for her own children – and share them with parents who were looking for an alternative to plastic containers, too.

Thus, Wean Green was born. These glass, eco-friendly storage options were initially designed for homemade baby food, but the range quickly expanded due to the demand – now, Wean Green includes a wide variety of sizes and lid colours that are perfect for everything from salads to soups.

Made of durable tempered glass, Wean Green storage containers come with a silicone-sealed, leak-proof lid and are all BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free. The glass makes them highly recyclable – not just once, but over and over again without losing quality or integrity – and require less energy to manufacture. Wean Green isn’t just great for your family, but for the environment, too.

Glass is made from naturally abundant resources like sand, soda ash and limestone, and contains no chemicals that can leach into food. Plus, it’s clear which means you can easily tell when it’s clean.

But Wean Green isn’t just made from any old glass – oh no. It’s made from tempered glass, a type of safety glass that’s processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength in comparison to normal glass, making it up to five times stronger. And, it’s more impact and scratch resistant than regular glass, so you don’t need to worry about everyday wear and tear or easy breakage.

If your Wean Green does break, it will crumble into smaller granular chunks rather than splintering into jagged shards like plate glass does. It’s less likely to cause injury this way, making it the perfect material for family kitchens.


Wean Green is also…

Suitable for anyone aged 0-100 years // BPA free // Bacteria resistant // Freezer safe // Microwave safe // Food safe // Eco friendly // Earth friendly // Re-usable // Tempered glass // Leak proof // Designed in Canada // Made in South Korea

You can pop your containers in an oven (for re-heating purposes only, with the lid removed) up to 120°C. If you’ve kept your container in the freezer, Wean Green recommends you leave it at room temperature for around 15 minutes in order to avoid temperature shock. The containers can also be placed in a microwave (with the lid removed) from the freezer, but leave it at room temperature for around 15 minutes in order to avoid temperature shock, too.

When placing containers in the freezer, be sure to only fill it to 70% capacity to allow for expansion of the contents once frozen.

To clean, you can put the container and its lid in the dishwasher (top rack) but, if you choose to hand wash, don’t use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as these will damage the glass surface. You can remove the silicon seal to allow for cleaning, too – just use an object with a rounded edge so as not to damage it.

And finally, do not reheat containers directly over open flames.

Ready to meet your new best friend in the kitchen? Scroll down to see the range, or head to  to shop.


Wean Cube – This square container is great for purees, breast milk, toddler snacks or mints in your handbag. Try colour coding your freezer so you can mix and match purees; Blue and Green for vegetables and Pink and Orange for fruits.

Wean Tub – Rectangle in shape it’s great to use to store purees for 6+ month weaning baby, carrot/celery sticks for older kids or the collection of bobby pins and hair ties in the bottom of your handbag

Wean Bowl – Circle in shape used to store yoghurt, custard, fruit salad or cut up fruit. The round shape makes this style easy to hold when feeding and scrape clean with a spoon

Snack Cube – Larger than the Wean Cube this one’s great for 12+ months lunch or dinner serving, yoghurt and muesli or small serves of leftovers

Lunch Cube – This big cube will hold your entire lunch or dinner, great for storing leftovers or travel snacks

Lunch Bowl – Perfect for salad or soups. The curved edges mean you can scoop up every last drop

Meal Bowl – Leftovers, pasta or stews go hand in hand with the largest in the range. Plenty of space for even the largest appetite

Baby Starter Set – This handy pack will set up your storage system with everything you need to start the weaning journey and beyond

Kitchen Set – Not a fan of plastic storage containers? The Kitchen Set has a collection of all sizes you need to get started on organising your pantry and fridge.  Work out which ones work in your space, then add to your collection with our 4 packs in the size you use most