We’re officially banning boring water bottles. Unless it offers six different types of drink bottles in one handy container, why bother? Introducing Precidio’s latest innovation, the Multi-Flask – a water bottle that, finally, cares about all of your hydration-related needs.

One water bottle. Six different uses.

That’s exactly what makes the Precidio Multi-Flask the most perfect drinking system to grace the planet (and we’re not even being that dramatic).

Seriously, this thing has it all. Tea drinkers will be happy to learn about the small infuser, which can be added and removed easily whenever you feel like a steaming hot cuppa on the go. Coffee drinkers, too, will love the glass inner sleeve that turns the Multi-Flask into a double-walled drink bottle, keeping things toasty warm without burning off your fingertips.

For those of us who like to make their day a little bit fancier by infusing our water with fruit, you will also be happy to learn about the large infuser attachment – simply fill it with your favourite fruits or ice cubes, and give your water an extra refreshing kick.

Gym junkies, listen up. The Multi-Flask has a shakeable ‘agitator’ attachment that will keep your powdered sports drinks nicely stirred – and you didn’t hear it from us, but this also makes the Multi-Flask an amazing cocktail maker. There’s also a soft silicone spout that you can add onto your Multi-Flask to use it in the “Sport Drink Mode”, so you don’t bump your teeth when you drink while exercising. This agitator can also act as a strainer when you infuse your water with particularly pulpy fruits.

All that, in one handy system – that just so happens to be BPA and phthalate-free, tough and break resistant and dishwasher-safe (in the top rack only, up to 65 degrees). Plus, it features Precidio’s signature sleek design, so you’ll be proud to take it everywhere you go.

Shop the brand-new Multi-Flask right here.