Kids forgot to unpack their lunch bag over the weekend – or worse, the school holidays? Fluf it! With certified 100% organic cotton and rinsible, tested food-safe lining, Fluf products are more than just a pretty face.

If you’re looking for a lunch product that ticks all the boxes when it comes to sustainability, convenience and style, you’ll find all that (and more) in Fluf. Born in Canada over 10 years ago, Fluf is on a mission to deliver a beautiful range of high-quality reusables that are both healthy and safe.

With a focus on effortlessness, all Fluf products are ridiculously easy to clean – simply pop them in the washing machine on a warm, delicate cycle and leave them somewhere warm and sunny to try.

As a brand, Fluf is also sure to tread lightly on the planet – their materials are natural and organic, free from BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, AZO and formaldehyde, and their products are delivered in low-impact, minimal packaging.

Need we say more? All that’s left now is to introduce you to the Fluf family…

Zipper Lunch Bag

No more running after wily lunch containers. With Fluf’s Zipper Lunch Bag, everything is contained to one convenient (and very stylish) place. They’re nice and roomy to accommodate your kids’ weekend adventures and long days at school and come in a range of fun prints like ‘Eat the Rainbow,’ ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Camo,’ just to name a few. They have an interior pocket for a water bottle or ice pack, cotton canvas carry handles and a water resistant lining.

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Zip Snack Sack

There’s no need for snap seal bags with the Zip Snack Sack! Available in two different sizes – sandwich and snack – they are both GOTS-certified to meet strict ecological, social and technical criteria. They’ve got a handy, sturdy zipper making them perfect for all kinds of on-the-go snacks, plus dog treats, keys, spare change, stray cords… you name it. Plus, their adorable designs are soooo much better than your single-use plastic bag.

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Flip Snack Sack

Like Robin to Batman, Scooby to Shaggy or Tinkerbell to Peter Pan, the Flip Snack Sack is the Zip Snack Sack’s ultimate sidekick. It has a handy velcro closure, making it super easy for small hands, and its roomy interior lets you pack all of your… uhh, we mean your kids’, favourite snacks. It’s just like an affordable, reusable, adorable snap seal bag – only it doesn’t suck for the planet. Score!

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Snack Mat

Anyone who has tried to pack a sandwich into a snap seal bag knows the struggle. No matter how many times you lay your sandwich on top of the plastic square, you always end up having to squish it inside – now, your sandwich looks more like a salad. Yikes. That’s why you need the Snack Mat! It’s a snack bag that doubles as a flat placemat, able to be unzipped on three sides to easily pack (and snack on) whatever you like.

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