With its innovative rectangular design, popper-like straw and leak-proof benefits, there are a lot of reasons to love Precidio’s Drink in the Box.

It’s getting hot – finally! – which means more time spent outside soaking up the sun’s rays. But, believe it or not, being outside in the sun is thirsty work, and it’s extra important to stay hydrated through the warmer months, particularly here in Australia.

One fool-proof way to ensure you’re getting enough water is to carry a water bottle around with you throughout the day. But, as simple as that sounds, a lot of us still aren’t getting enough water – particularly our kids.

Water Logic Australia reported earlier this year that one in three children aren’t getting enough water to stay healthy and function at their best and, just last year, they reported that 80% of Australians live in a chronic state of dehydration.

While dehydration might not sound super scary on its own, when you understand what it can do to your body, you just might realise that a lot of the issues you’ve experienced come down to not drinking enough water.

Do you have a foggy memory, or difficulty concentrating? Have you experienced mood swings or unexplained headaches? These mental concerns are allegedly linked to dehydration, while physically, dehydration is said to manifest itself in dizziness, dry skin, muscle cramps and even bad breath. Yikes.

So, what can you do to ensure you and your kids are getting enough water? The amount recommended by the Institute of Medicine is 8-10 cups per day, which equals about 2000 to 2400ml. With the help of a sleek, leak-proof Drink in the Box – the large size is a convenient 350ml – you can have water with you when you’re out on-the-go.

Plus, the convenient rectangular shape of the Drink in the Box means it’s easy to slip into your handbag, slide into a school lunchbox or cooler bag and you won’t need to strain to squeeze rectangular ice cubes inside it – is there anything more annoying?!

Top up your Drink in the Box with water, finish it and then refill it again! You only need to fill it up six times throughout the day to get within the recommended daily intake and, if you’re not a fan of plain water, that means six opportunities to infuse your water with natural, tasty treats.

Check out our tips for the top ten ingredients to infuse your Drink in the Box with. Not only will they help you get enough water throughout your day, but they’ll also look super pretty – who says your water bottle can’t be an accessory, too?

  1. Lemon or lime – they’re classics for a reason! Said to have detoxifying powers, infusing your water with lemon or lime slices won’t just taste great – you’ll feel great, too.
  2. Frozen blueberries – a good ice alternative for cooler days, popping a few frozen blueberries into your Drink in the Box will also make the water nice and tasty (plus, they look awesome, too!)
  3. Basil – it’s an often forgotten water-infusion ingredients, but you seriously haven’t lived until you’ve infused your water with basil! Combine it with strawberries, lime, cucumber, orange… whatever tickles your fancy.
  4. Cucumber – add a few mint leaves and pretend you’re on vacation with this cocktail-inspired combination. If you’re a fan of cucumber, eat the remaining slices once you’ve finished the water for extra hydration!
  5. Raspberries – similar to blueberries, raspberries are great additions to your Drink in the Box when frozen. But, you can also pop a few fresh ones into your water for a beverage that both looks and tastes delicious.
  6. Vanilla – vanilla tastes great with a number of other ingredients, whether it’s rose petals, oranges, peach, pear… the list goes on. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to your water and taste the difference!
  7. Ginger – looking to spice things up a little? Adding a small amount of ginger to your water won’t just taste great (particularly when combined with ingredients like orange or carrot juice) but it’s also said to have anti-inflammatory effects, too.
  8. Watermelon – watermelon is another ingredient that’s great with mint. Mix the two for the perfect (healthy!) beverage for a summer’s day.
  9. Grapefruit – while you can certainly infuse your water with a few chunks of grapefruit, a small amount of grapefruit juice also works wonders!
  10. Fruity tea – tea is an obvious one when it comes to things to mix with water, but you don’t have to go for the classic hot English Breakfast. There are loads of iced tea recipes floating around on the internet that you can whip up in minutes and will keep you going all day long.