Gone are the days where lunch products are purchased solely with kids in mind. Introducing SoYoung’s new Paper and Modern lunch poche collections: the coolest cooler bags around*.


*that your kids aren’t getting their hands on

As parents, we consider our kids before ourselves in just about everything we do.

Whether it’s online shopping for kids’ clothes while your old go-to’s gather dust in your browser favourites, booking them in for a general doctors check-up when you haven’t had one since before they were born, or buying them new undies when you’ve been rotating through the same ones for years, there are so many moments where we pick their wellbeing over ours because… well, that’s what parenthood is all about, right?

What if we told you that you could treat yourself while also caring for your kids, in one very important – yet so often neglected – area: lunch.

When was the last time you packed yourself a lunch? We’re not talking about scrounging together the week’s leftover dinners or whipping up a packet of Mi Goreng. We mean purposefully packed, nutritionally balanced, lunch.

Whether you spend your days at work, at home or on the go, SoYoung’s new lunch poches are designed with grown-ups – yes, you! – in mind.

Made from washable paper or machine washable linen, the stunning new collections – with their neutral tones, simple designs and bang-on-trend textures – appeal to professionals and parents alike.

From the light linen splatter lunch poche in the Modern Collection to the black paper lunch poche in the Paper Collection, the range is full of designs that your friends and colleagues would gladly throw over their shoulder for the work commute. And, if you work from home or do a lot of running around throughout your day, they’re great for ensuring that you have a wholesome, healthy lunch ready to go whenever hunger strikes – minimising meal-skipping and mindless munching.

This new SoYoung drop ties into trends surrounding clean eating, sustainable snacking and litter-less lunch. Made from eco-inspired textiles that are free of nasties – you won’t find any PVC, BPA, lead or phthalate in these poches – the new products perfectly encapsulate SoYoung’s mission for a ‘design conscious life’.

They’re purposefully designed with features like a handy hands-free adjustable messenger strap, a removable insert lining for easy cleaning, an insulated interior to keep food cool on the go, and generous-yet-not-too-big sizing to carry all of your favourite foods and containers.

You’ll be able to shop the brand new range on Mini Hippo soon, but in the meantime, read on to see which existing products will pair well with the new, parent-perfect SoYoung collections.

The Modern Collection - Linen Splatter Poche Linen Block PocheOlive Paper PocheKraft Paper Poche Black Splatter Poche Black Paper Poche

>  The Modern Collection in linen splatter and linen block                                                    The Paper Collection in olive, kraft, black/gold splatter and black.

  1. Your very own Yumbox: you’ve always bought them for your kids, but have you ever considered picking up a Yumbox for yourself?! They’re specially designed for portion control and to help you pack a well-balanced lunch, and it’s easier than you think to make yourself some a Yumbox while you’re doing your children’s. Opt for the Tapas if you’ve got a big day, the Original if you’re more of a ‘picky’ eater – i.e., you prefer a lot of small meals throughout the day – the Panino if you love a sandwich with sides and the Minisnack for breakfast on the go.
  2. Drink in the Box: did you know that there are sleek, stylish, grown-up-sized versions of your children’s Precidio water bottles? If you’re rubbish at remembering to pack a water bottle on your day out, or just hate how bulky regular ones are, the large Drink in the Box is ideal! Fill it up at the end of the day, pop it in the fridge then put it in your SoYoung lunch poche when you’re ready to go out the next morning! Bonus: they also fit neatly into your car and handbag.
  3. Wrap’d: do you love wraps, but hate carrying them around with you? More often than not, a safely contained wrap requires a tonne of cling wrap, alfoil and elastic bands – which, by lunch time, may as well be a bank safe – and are a huge mess to eat. “But not anymore,” say the creators of Wrap’d, the reusable solution to keeping your wraps fresh, tasty, and from looking like they’ve exploded by the time you’re done eating them.