Getting creative in the kitchen is a go-to school holiday activity, but the dangers that stovetops and ovens add into the mix make it an activity that requires constant supervision. Until now – try these kid-friendly, no bake recipes these holidays, courtesy of Kidgredients!




Remember LCM bars? Those deliciously chewy, chocolatey bars that are oh so bad for you? Consider these the clean version – only just as chewy, chocolatey and delicious as your supermarket faves. They’re gluten free, dairy free, super simple to make and – our favourite part – totally lunchbox friendly. Whether you serve them up as a school holiday snack, save this recipe for your next kids’ party or custom-make them to fit in one of your Yumbox compartments, we can guarantee you’ll have this recipe on high rotation even after school heads back. Make them here.




Nothing like a spritz of lemon to brighten up the winter school holidays! Both tangy and sweet, this slice is sure to be a crowd favourite – and your kids will love making it just as much as they love eating it. You can crush up your biscuits in a food processor, but if you’re leaving it to little fingers, they could crush them up by hand, too. This certainly isn’t an everyday food (it’s school holidays, you’ve all earned a treat) but the perfect sometimes snack to serve at a get-together or to bribe your kids with when they’re driving you crazy. Either, either. Make it here.




Breakfast, lunch or after dinner, we love these blueberry snack bites all day long! Coated in coconut and bursting with blueberry flavour, these bad boys have the added benefit of being equally delicious and nutritious – they’re dairy free, have no refined sugar and are so easy to sneak super foods like chia and flax seeds into. You can even freeze them if you make too many (not that there’s really such thing as ‘too many’ when it comes to these mouth-watering morsels) and have them on hand as a lunchbox filler or afternoon tea treat during the school term. Make them here.



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