Sometimes, the lunch box inspiration tank just runs dry. For those moments, having this blog post bookmarked will get you out of your rut! Here are ten of our fool-proof lunch box ideas.

If you haven’t tasted pinwheels before, first of all: HOW? Second of all: this recipe is a great place to start.
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Veggie sticks and dip
Whether carrots, capsicum or celery are your preferred vegetable sticks, you’ll find the dip to pair them with in the below listing.
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Breakfast muffins
These ones are perfect for two reasons: one, they’re a perfect ‘grab and go’ meal for the morning rush; and two, they can be popped into a Yumbox (or warm in a Yumbox Zuppa) for school lunch.
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Lettuce wraps
No bread? No problem! Lettuce wraps are a healthy alternative that the kids will love. You can fill them with just about anything – tuna, chicken, falafels… you name it! If the kids push back, just tell them they’re lettuce burritos…

We looooove pikelets. How could you not? There are so many combinations you can try to spice them up, and this list of recipes is a great place to find inspiration.
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Pasta salad
If you ask us, pasta salads are just a way to serve pasta cold – and we’re definitely not complaining. There are so many great recipes online, but this one has been on rotation in House Mini Hippo of late.
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Yoghurt bark
Okay, so it’s not the chocolate version, but this yoghurt substitute is equally delicious and Yumbox friendly. Score!
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Cheese and crackers (with a twist!)
We know: cheese and crackers aren’t exactly inspired. But, with a FunBites food cutter, you can easily cut cheese into fun shapes to jazz up any Yumbox!

Fried rice
If you’re looking for an easy, healthy, substantial meal to fill your kids’ Yumboxes (or Yumbox Zuppas) with, you can’t go past fried rice. This recipe is one of our go-to’s.
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Mini pizzas
What kid wouldn’t want to open their Yumbox and find pizza inside?! These pizza bites are easy to customise based on your children’s tastes, and pretty healthy, too.
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Looking for more lunch box ideas? Check out the ‘Recipes’ tab on our blog!