We’re bringing you another recipe from our girl Kylie (aka, the genius behind Kidgredients) this week, and it’s a sweet one. Not, like, refined sugar, full of junk sweet – lunchbox-appropriate sweet. Winner!

If there’s one thing Kylie does well – there are hundreds, thousands even, but that’s why we said ‘if’ – it’s bread. She has loads and loads of bread recipes on her website, but this one might be one of our favourites.

Loaded with bananas, chocolate chips and no nasty extras, this bread in particular is the perfect lunchbox booster or ‘Bring a Plate’ recipe! The best bit? It can be frozen and saved for months in advance, making it one of our go-to solutions when our bananas are looking a little too brown to pass off as edible.

Check out the recipe here // https://kidgredients.com.au/choc-chip-banana-bread/