Remember those deliciously chewy, dangerously addictive puffed rice bars that used to brighten up your school day? Kidgredients has gone and recreated them, with one difference: they’re made from ingredients you’d actually be happy to feed your kids.

We’re about to share with you what will perhaps be the biggest disappointment of your young life. Are you sitting down?

If you’ve ever wondered what the letters in LCM Bars – the puffed rice bars that raised over two decades of Australians – stand for, listen up.

Here’s the thing: they don’t stand for anything.

“We’re proud to have been an Aussie lunch box favourite for over 20 years now — and we get this question all the time. LCMs doesn’t stand for anything in particular,” a Kellogg spokesman told

We know. According to the Kellogg’s website, the marketing team “just liked the way the letters sounded together”, so they ran with it.

But if there’s one thing that’s able to soothe the pain of finding out the mystery you’ve been trying to solve for twenty years is, in fact, not a mystery at all, it’s these LCM-lookalike (and taste-alike) puffed rice bars from Kidgredients.

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