We’ve all seen plenty of party-friendly Halloween treats, but what are we supposed to do when Halloween falls on a weekday?! Consult Kidgredients, that’s what. These three Halloween-inspired recipes are perfect for your standard school day, bringing a bit of spooky spirit into your household (and leaving out the sugar).

IN THE MORNING: ‘Witches’ Brew’ breakfast smoothie
With chia seeds, coconut milk, blackberries and banana, this ‘Witches’ Brew’ breakfast smoothie is as nutritious as it is delicious! Give it a go as is, or try swapping in your family’s favourite fruits and smoothie fillers if you feel so inclined.
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IN THE LUNCHBOX: Spooky Halloween bento box
From sticky rice spirits to pumpkin-shaped veggies, this bento box has everything your kids need to get into the Halloween spirit. And the best part? It totally passes all of their school’s health standards. Talk about a win, win!
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IN THE AFTERNOON: Chocolate swamp monsters
Saving the best for last, these chocolate swamp monsters are pretty much the nut-free version of chocolate spiders – and seriously, they’re scary good! You can even bag them up and put them out for Trick-or-Treaters, but make sure you keep them refrigerated as long as possible so that they don’t fall apart.
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