When she’s not manning the microphone on Triple M’s The Big Breakfast, she’s mum-ing four kids with her NRL-star hubby, Corey Parker. Take a peek inside the kitchen of one of Queensland’s busiest mums, Margaux Parker.

Tell us a bit about yourself… where are you based, what do you do and how many kids do you have?

I’m a radio host on Triple M’s The Big Breakfast, living on acreage in Cornubia with my husband Corey and our four kids: Memphis, 10; Wylei, 9: Jagger, 6: and River, 4.

Who does the cooking in your house? What is the go-to meal when you’re short on time, that you know everyone will love?

Corey is a great cook and tasks himself with the role of Head Chef in our kitchen. He does a mean lasagne which he hides all the veggies in without the kids knowing and they eat it up, no complaints. My go to is curried sausages or tacos because everyone loves Taco Tuesday (or Monday, or Wednesday, or Thursday…).

Are your kids fussy eaters? What are their favourite meals at the moment?

They don’t get a choice! They either eat what they are given, or they go to bed hungry. We always try and dish them up something preferred, but they have always been good eaters because they really don’t have a choice.

Is dessert a nightly occurrence in your house? What’s your current go-to?

Not really. Corey loves ice cream so once the kids are down he’ll sit with a tub of vanilla, ice magic, sprinkles and a spoon.

Who packs the lunchboxes in your house? Does it usually happen the night before school, or the morning of?

Being on the early shift for Breakfast Radio I leave around 3:30am during the week, so Corey is on the morning shift and lunchbox duty. I think it’s pretty standard: a ham and cheese sandwich or wrap, fruit, cheese and crackers, tuna and sometimes leftovers depending on what was for dinner the night before – spag bol’ or tuna bake is always a good filler. A packet of Shapes and a small treat like a biscuit or lamington will usually end up in there, too.

It’s a busy morning, and you’re in a pinch. Are your kids getting “tuckshop money” for lunch?

The kids have only just started to utilise the tuckshop this term. They get $20 a fortnight and it’s up to them how they use it. Memphis is a saver and will let it keep rolling over, where Wylei will use it all in the first week. He loves the fish & chips and the sushi they have on offer.

How do you store your lunchboxes, and how many do you have in your collection right now?

We have four lunchboxes and a cooler bag for each of them. They get emptied and washed straight after school and packed in the cupboard, ready to be filled up again either that night or the next morning.

What is one food that is always included in your kids’ lunchboxes?


You’re throwing your kids a birthday party: do you outsource, or are you one to plan and prepare it all yourself?

If I can throw money at it, I will. That’s why people specialise in catering, right?!

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Photos by Entwined Photography via Margaux Parker.