If you haven’t yet experienced the joys of the Yumbox Chop Chop, one: what are you waiting for?! And, two: listen up. We’re about to reveal all the ways it will change your life.


We’ll be the first ones to say it: taco night isn’t all that easy. There’s so much chopping, peeling, and prepping involved, it isn’t always the best last-minute meal. That is, until the Yumbox Chop Chop. With these handy containers, you can have all the chopping completed and (stylishly) stored away in the fridge in the morning, or even the night before! The silicone lids keep ingredients fresh, ensuring all you need to do after a long workday is take the tray out of the fridge, pop some tacos in the oven/microwave and enjoy. Rinse and repeat for pizza night, a DIY salad bar or pokë bowls.


If you’re in that awkward in-between stage between having to pack your children’s lunch boxes and giving them full lunch box autonomy, a Yumbox Chop Chop can help. You can have all of their lunch box faves chopped and prepped, all ready for your children to choose their favourites and add them to their Yumboxes. It helps them feel like they’ve packed their own lunch (which experts believe is the secret to making sure they eat it!) without letting them loose on the entire fridge/pantry. Anything they don’t pack can be left in the fridge for an easy-to-grab afternoon snack, or taken to work in your own Yumbox #parentlife.


Nothing says ‘easy like a Sunday morning’ quite like the Yumbox Chop Chop. Whether pancakes, waffles, yoghurt parfaits or porridge are your weekend breakfast jam (pun intended), the Chop Chop allows you to set and forget everything on a Saturday afternoon, all ready for Sunday morning. We find this comes in particularly handy on special occasions like Mother’s Day, when the kids insist on making you breakfast in bed (awe) but leave the kitchen as a belated present for you to deal with in an hour’s time (ew). Among our favourite ingredients: berries, bananas, chopped nuts, granola and an assortment of jams. Delish!

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