Wondering how to entertain the kids between Christmas and New Years? Us too. So, we here at Team Mini Hippo put our heads together and brainstormed five ideas for you.

It’s a weird time of year, isn’t it? The excitement of Christmas has abruptly ended and we’re finding the once-full house is now a lot quieter – but it’s still too early to really get excited about New Year’s Eve.

If we’re honest, it’s just what the doctor ordered after a hectic year (or two…). Some time to chill out with the kids, indulge in Christmas leftovers and watch them pore over their gifts.

But if you’re finding them getting restless, or you’re getting restless yourself, why not give one of these activities a go?

Watch movies

It’s an obvious one, but one we couldn’t leave off the list! If you’re hitting your local cinema to catch one of the many new releases (we’ve got a LOT of movies to catch up on from the past year), don’t forget to pack some snacks. Click here to get inspired. If you’re staying home for your movie marathon, make an event out of it! We love making our own popcorn,

Play putt putt

Who doesn’t love a good game of mini golf? There is sure to be a putt putt course in your local area, whether it’s at a large golf course or a bar-style venue like Holey Moley. If there isn’t, or if there’s a reason you don’t want to leave the house (there could be many) why not try to set up a putt putt course at home?! You could go all-out with this tutorial from Bunnings, or set up a course with cups in your living room.

Go fishing

Does anyone else have childhood memories of hitting the beach or local jetty on the school holidays, armed with hand lines, basic tackle and some bait? You may not even remember ever landing a massive catch. Is there somewhere close by to you where you can wet a line and teach your kids patience and a love of the great outdoors at the same time? Pack a picnic basket and you’re done. Your local bait and tackle shop owner should be a brilliant source of insider info on where to take your beginner fisherpeople.

Try skating

Whether it’s chilling out at the ice skating rink on a hot summer holiday’s day, or kicking it retro in a pair of old-school roller skates, you’ll be laughing along with the kids at how much fun you’re having. Scope out your local skate rink (or even ice skating rink to beat the heat?!) or hit the skate park for a scootering, blading or skateboarding session. Just don’t forget the helmets, obviously!

Scavenger hunt

If you’re looking for a way to kill time at home and save money on the entry fees, transport costs and food costs associated with a day out, why not organise a scavenger hunt? For the patient and interested kids, you can have them ‘scavenging’ for hours. Simply set a list of things for them to find and the first child to complete the list wins a prize (the ‘prize’ is up to you). As well as searching for things in the house and around the yard, your list could require the kids to create/craft something, draw something or (for sneaky parents) even clean something along the way! The fun is only limited to your imagination.

Looking for more ideas? Here are 10 family-friendly activites to enjoy in the warm weather!