Halloween is almost here, but you don’t need to wait until the kids go trick or treating to give them some delicious snacks! We’ve rounded up our favourite Halloween food for the lunch box.

Halloween gingerbread cookies
Perfect for the lunch box, after school snacks or even to hand out to trick or treaters, these tasty, terrifying cookies are sure to become a family fave. They’re super easy to make, too, taking just 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. Get the kids into the kitchen for some Halloween baking!
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Cheesy ghosts
So easy, and so cute! All you need is a sharp knife and some patience to create little ghost cut outs. Take a slice of cheese (or some sliced ham or turkey, even?) and pop it on top of salad, chopped up veggies, biscuits… the world is your oyster. You could even add these to a cheese platter for an after school snack?

Mini pumpkin and feta pies
The kids will get enough sugar this Halloween – fill them up with these Halloween-themed pumpkin and feta pies instead! They take a while to cook (an hour and 10 minutes, to be precise) but the sweet, salty, flaky result makes it totally worth it. If you don’t make them for the lunch box, Halloween dinner, anyone?
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Coffin sandwich
Perhaps one of the easiest and most versatile Halloween snacks we could think of! All you need to do is make a sandwich however your kids like them, then cut it into a coffin shape – bonus points if you use cheese or another topping to spell out ‘RIP’ and pop it on top.

Jack-O-Lantern quesadillas
Easy and cheesy – two things we always look for in a recipe. These Jack-O-Lantern quesadillas make for the perfect Halloween food (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner), even for fussy eaters. Have the kids add their own fillings for extra nutrition.
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Spider-y olives
Black olives? Nah. They’re totally creepy, crawly spiders! Simply cut one olive in half for the spider’s body, cut off the tip of another olive for the head, and then thinly slice the other half of the black olive into eight slices for the legs. Now, you can add it these spiders onto devilled eggs, pizzas, you name it!

Spider cupcakes
Who could possibly say no to a cupcake with an Oreo on top – so what if it looks like a spider?! This recipe is super easy to make and adjust for different dietary requirements, so they make for a great ‘Bring a Plate’ recipe, too!
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Sandwich mummies
This one is easy, and so much fun! Simply make a sandwich as per usual, but before you pop the top piece of bread on, slice it into strips. Assemble them in wonky lines to imitate a mummy’s bandage, allowing whatever toppings on your sandwich (jam, ham, you name it!) to show through. Add googly eyes for extra creepiness.

Monster eyeball rice krispies
These delightfully delicious treats are perfect for the lunch box or an after-school snack. They’re just as creepy as they are cute, and your kids can go crazy choosing their own colours.
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