When we pack our Yumboxes, there are certain things that they never, EVER leave home without. Yumbox essentials, if you will. It’s got us thinking – what are your Yumbox go-tos?

Everyone Yumboxes differently – that much is clear from a scroll through the #yumbox hashtag on Instagram. But we thought it would be interesting to see just how different everyone’s ‘go-to’ Yumbox fillers are, so we asked you guys the question: “what are the things your Yumbox doesn’t leave home without?”

“Strawberries, blueberries and baby belle cheese 🍓” – @_wearethewellers

“Strawberries, carrot, cucumber and Cheerios 🍓🥕” – @miss_a_lyss

“Popcorn, sultanas, cucumber and cheese 🍿🍇🧀🥒” – @jo_sardi_09

“🥒🌶 cucumber, capsicum, carrots, leafy greens, blueberries, raw organic chocolate piece! 😉😋” – @cauliandbrocc

“Apples, carrots with Caesar dressing dip, cucumbers, strawberries” – @miss_lynn9

“Oranges 🍊 Kiwi fruit 🥝 strawberries 🍓 blueberries, mini Jatz crackers and olives 😋 Love that the juicy fruits {and olives 🙊} don’t leak into the other compartments 🙌🏼🕺🏻” – @_wrapd_

“Strawberries, watermelon, rice biscuits, cheese, ham” – @fithappymummy

“Cucumber with hummus, laughing cow cheese triangle with rice crackers, banana and pear/strawberries and blueberries and a wrap with usually ham and salad on it :)” – @melissa_1998

“There’s always cheese and crackers in ours” – @cheesenwhiskers

“Cherry tomatoes, olives, sultanas, blueberries are staple” – @mrsrb2010


… interesting, very interesting! And what about in the dip well?

“I love trying to think of new things to put in the dip well: Cheeky monkeys, sultanas, blueberries, cucumber, cheese… but let’s face it the one that always gets eaten is the mini marshmallows 🤭” – @laracraven

“We usually do a protein ball or blueberries or hommus.” – @alexjovice

“I put mini marshmallows in my girls’ Yumboxes this week. They loved it!” – @what_jo_snapped

“I make bliss balls custom sized to fit 😉” – @jasminpanozzo

And for our Mini Hippo team member Bel, it’s the Mini Melting Moments from Aldi – they’re a perfect fit!

Let us know – what does your Yumbox never leave home without?!