Here at Mini Hippo, we’ve decided that March is the month of all things green. Why? Maybe it’s excitement for St Patrick’s Day, coming up on March 17, or maybe it’s because we’ve got sustainability on our mind. Whatever the case, here are our favourite green products (that also happen to be super sustainable!).

  1. Yumbox Original + Panino in avocado green, $39.95, find them here
  2. Petit Monkey block backpack in cadmium green, from $62, find it here
  3. OXO grape & tomato cutter, $19.95, find it here
  4. Precidio Snack in the Box in green, $16, find it here
  5. Yumbox Minisnack in cilantro green, $26.95, find it here­
  6. SoYoung lunch box in olive paper chevron, $39.95, find it here
  7. FunBites food cutter in green, $14.95, find it here
  8. Wean Green wean cube in pea, $14.95 (two pack), find it here
  9. Yumbox Tapas in Brooklyn green, $45.95, find it here