There’s nothing more annoying that having a Yumbox that’s out of action. If your Yumbox has somehow lost its latch, don’t fret – this handy guide will tell you exactly what to do!

We often get questions about the latch that keeps your Yumbox closed, air-tight and leak proof – mostly, “where can I get a new one if mine comes off?” and “how do I replace it if it does?”.

While it’s very, very rare for latches to simply ‘fall’ off (this happy customer recently shared how her Yumbox latch had finally come off after five whole years of rigorous school lunch packing!) everyday wear and tear and “kids being kids” can cause latches to become loose or come off their hinges. Annoying, but certainly not the end of the world.

That’s because you can pick up a brand new latch for your otherwise perfect Yumbox Original, Panino or Tapas (so long as it was manufactured after April 2014) which you can double-check by looking for the manufacturing date on the inside of the case, beneath the tray) right here on Mini Hippo. And, with the easy instructions that we’ve listed below, you can pop it onto your Yumbox yourself so that it’s good to go for the next school lunch.

FYI: We can send your replacement loose latch free of charge if your product was purchased within the last 12 months – just provide a few photos and complete the faults form found here //



Before you order your replacement latch, please, please, PLEASE make sure it’s the correct size. Measure your Yumbox and check the seal design against the corresponding images that appear when you select a size on the product purchase page. We cannot offer you a return on your replacement latch if you have accidentally ordered the incorrect size, and we’d hate for you to have to wait for a whole new order to arrive before you can get your Yumbox back on track.

That’s the stuff that nightmares are made of.

If you are still unsure which latch you require, simply measure the latch space on your product and refer to the measurements below:

Original and Panino: 5.4cm

Tapas: 6.5cm

If your measurement is something other than these please complete the faults form here with an image of the interior tray or seal so that we can help you.

Also, please note that replacement latches are not available for the Yumbox MiniSnack (or any Yumbox products manufactured before April 2014) and you’re your replacement latch will be shipped by letter post, so allow up to 14 days to receive your order.



When you receive your replacement latch, it’s important that you follow the replacement instructions carefully.

Before you begin, use the mini screwdriver provided to push the pin on the right slightly outward – this will make the process a lot easier when you are ready to insert your new latch.

If you have difficulty extracting the pin from the plastic around it, drop it into a mug with boiling water for a minute or so. This will help expand the plastic and enable the pin to move more freely.

Insert the extended pin on the left first, align the second pin and push it into place with the mini screwdriver provided. Voila – your Yumbox is back in action!

Still have questions? Get in touch with us here //