Today, Sunday November 14, is World Diabetes Day – a day dedicated to improving information and access to diabetes treatment. In honour of this special day, we thought we would round up some of the best diabetes-friendly recipes for you to try in the lunch box this week!

What makes a recipe diabetes friendly?

You probably know that diabetics should avoid high volumes of sugar, but that doesn’t just mean cutting out chocolate and lollies. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eating as a diabetic, experts do say that eating the recommended amount of food from each of the five food groups is a good starting point.

Matching the amount of energy you burn with the food you eat is important, so each meal should give you the most nutrients as possible. That means limiting high energy foods like sweets, sugary drinks and fruit juice and takeaway foods, and instead focusing on meals with limited saturated fats, small amounts of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fats and sugar, low GI carbohydrates and drinking lots of water.

It is also helpful to eat regular meals, spread evenly through the day, and factor in snacks if you take insulin or diabetes tablets. Also, it goes without saying that everyone with diabetes will have different needs, so you should always chat to your healthcare professional when considering your diet.

Eggplant pizza

Super simple and even more delicious, these eggplant pizzas are perfect for dinner or the lunch box. Top them with tomato and cheese as per the recipe or go rogue and let the kids choose their own toppings. Whatever you do, the result is sure to be tasty!

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Zucchini and sweet potato slice

Diabetes-friendly recipes that work for the lunch box and for dinner are our favourites, and you won’t be able to get enough of this savoury slice, which is packed full of protein and heaps of veggies. Simply mix together the ingredients, bake and serve sliced in your Yumbox.

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Coconut granola

Consider breakfast sorted! This coconut granola is low-sugar and only takes about 10 minutes to prep (then another 15 to cook). This recipe recommends adding coconut flakes, dried fruit, mixed nuts and seeds, but you can definitely add just about anything you like!

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Asian lettuce wraps

Fresh, tasty and lots of fun, the kids will love eating these Asian lettuce wraps as much as you do. They’re full of colour thanks to sliced carrots, crunchy lettuce leaves and zucchini, and the tasty meat packs a protein punch that ensures you’re happy to send them off to school with the kids, too.

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Banana choc chip mini muffins

People with diabetes shouldn’t have to miss out on delicious baked goods, and this recipe makes sure of that. They feature rolled oats for extra chewiness, delicious banana, brown sugar and a splash of oil to guarantee unparalleled moisture – and we couldn’t forget those ooey, gooey chocolate chips, could we?!

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